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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chillin at Chef Tan's, The Peak Vista, #KK

Lazying on a Sunday evening perhaps is the great thing to do before starting a new week. :)

It was the last Sunday of 2013 when I visited Chef Tan's and while October Cafe was packed with customer on that same evening.

- Chef Tan's -

There's only us on that evening and before the restaurant was packed with customers having dinner later.

Lovely environment for a silent afternoon and a bit of chit chat.

Cheese cake was good and bottled coffee was nice. :)

- Menu -

Reasonably priced for beverages and even meals (Chinese dishes for lunch and dinner).

- Waffles -

One of my favourite comfort food. The flavour was okay, except for the waffles' texture, it was a bit "wet" when we had it.

- Chef Tan's -

A nice restaurant to dine in when there's no place to go. :)

Facebook : Chef Tan's

Location :
S2, Ground Floor. The Peak Vista. Lorong Puncak 1,
Jalan Signal Hill. 88400 Tanjung Lipat,
88400 Kota Kinabalu.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Absolute Thai Cooking @ The Garden Mall, KL

Had a great meal during my second day in KL.

It is one of the "trend" since few years ago to have Thai cuisine which our friend is working at. :)

It was coincidence that we were shopping at The Garden the other day and received comment from Julianus that he was working there as well! Since dinner need to be decided, so there's were we had dinner on the same night. 


- Menu -

Reasonable pricing and in the end I paid RM350++ for 5 person of us. (-_-) Hardly seeing myself paid the whole bill.

And the following will be some of the dishes we had during the night. Scrumptious and satisfying meal! Delicious.

- Appetizer -

A must have each time we were in KL.

- Pineapple Rice -

- Green Curry -

- Glass Noodle and Rice -

One of the recommended Thai restaurant that I love to visit. :)

Location :
The Gardens Mall (Lot T-219, 3rd Floor),
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Contact No. :
+6 03 2287 7708


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Date with Lingerie!


they say that lingerie would be one of the expensive items that a girl should have in they daily life, its essential somehow.

Well, sometimes we may have some issues with searching for the one we would like to buy especially bras and underwear at public places and there's so many brand around!!

Non the less, I love bringing my socks/ legging along when travel to low temperature country, it just protect our leg/ feet from the cold weather and still looks pretty after all!

 A date with my lingerie!

 Don't get me wrong, panty horse also consider as lingerie as well! :D

Lately, discovering that lingerie could be purchased from online would be so much convenient and time saving for most online addicts.

XIXILI offers pretty lingerie, maybe we could buy online too! Opps! It's sound like shopping again! ;)
**This is a sponsored post.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Hong Kong : Tsim Tsa Tshui, Kowloon - Wantan by Mak Man Kei Noodle Shop and Bread by Australia Dairy Co.【香港食】 九龙之尖沙咀 - 麦文记面家与澳洲牛奶公司

Hong Kong Part 12 -  麦文记面家 and 澳洲牛奶公司, 尖沙咀 (Tsim Tsa Tsui), 九龙 (Kowloon)

We reached Tsim Tsa Tsui via MRT and we had a walk along the coastal, such a beautiful view of HK. :)

 - Coastal Area of Tsim Tsa Tsui -


 - We are walking -

Sight seeing and heading to the famous Wantan Noodle shop that many recommended.


 - It's finally here! -

 - 麦文记面家 (Mak Man Kei Noodle Shop) -

The noodle shop was small, but the food was great!! Definitely chunky noodles and wantan! The noodle was made with pure eggs, we didn't feel any discomfort after having the it and non the less, the noodle was not sticky at all!

- Signature Dish : Wantan Noodle -

- The Wantan -

- The Price List and Menu -

And next, direct milky tea and bread time. Oh gosh! And it was located next to Mak Man Kei.

- 澳洲牛奶公司 (Australia Dairy Co.) -

Told you we tried most of the recommended restaurants in HK. It was my turn to treat them. :) I have paid HKD300 for 10 person (10 breads and 10 milky tea).

- Omelet Bread -

It was freaking thick omelet with slices of bread. Definitely love the bread there but not the service they provided, it was typical HK people. (-_-)

- Milky Tea -

Short bread time and off we go to a local street market to have a look.

- Building in Kowloon -

- The Local Street Market - 

That's all for today and Happy Chap Goh Mei and Happy Valentine's Day to you! :)

麦文记面家 (Mak Man Kei Noodle Shop)
51 Parkes Street, Jordan

澳洲牛奶公司 (Australia Dairy Co.)
47 Parkes Street, Jordan

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Glowing Skin with Neesya Skincare!

This is a sponsored post.

Remember that I've received Neesya's beauty product sometime Christmas? The product was good and allergy free for me!

 - Beauty products by Neesya Skincare -

As promised, Neesya sent their products via PostLaju and certainly receiving my goods the next day immediate after I agreed to write a review for them. :)

In fact, I've made a little survey before I agreed to write for them. Neesya Skincare, a Malaysian beauty brand that have yet to exist in East Malaysia but a few outlets can be seen in West Malaysia, such as Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

- Hologram Sealed Product -

I love hologram sealed product, I can assure that the product is new! :D

The three products received have the same effect - Brightening! Who doesn't want a clear bright skin? Even ladies who love outdoors wanted their skin to look radiant and dark spots free (less).

So I tried the products for three days to one week, and here's my review on the products and the most important is, it's allergy free and no side effect on my skin, enhance my fair skin as well! :)

Brightening Enzymatic Refiner (75ml) @ RM35.00 (link)
Similar as leave-on mask for a few minutes after massaging lightly.

Exfoliation process that enhance the skin brightening effect, a few application that allows the dark spots appear lighter.

Easy application twice a week and we shall have healthy glowing skin!

Illuminating Essence (65ml) @ RM79.00 (link)
The essence was not oily, skin absorption of the product was fast too! 

Illuminating Essence act like a skin booster that hydrates our skin and hydrating skin is one of the important step to take note in our daily skin routine. In fact, hydrated skin will make us look younger and even made us feel younger! They always say I look younger compared with my age. (Yippi!) No more dull and dehydrated skin!

Brightening Overnight Mask (75ml) @ RM59.00 (link)
I have used a few overnight mask and found it radically one of the best invention for lazy people

We applied the mask and go to sleep and we still get radiant skin, such an intensive overnight treatment for us to recharge our tired skin. We doesn't have to wait for the time to past to rinse our face.

Just like the previous two products, it brighten our skin complexion, help to diminish skin discoloration, revitalise complexion and restore skin hydration.

That's all for my review on the products. The pricing of Neesya products are reasonable, with such a beauty technology and affordable price, all of us can have translucent skin now!

By the way, we can purchase the product via online and enjoy special promotions as well!

Website : Neesya Skincare
Outlets :
Subang Parade
The Mines
Mydin USJ
Avenue K
Plaza Metro Kajang (27 Feb 2014 onwards)