Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hong Kong : Tsuen Wan, Kowloon - Authentic Dim Sum by Sportful Garden Restaurant 【香港食】 九龙之荃湾 - 陶源酒家

Hong Kong Part 11 -  陶源酒家 (Sportful Garden Restaurant), 荃湾 (Tsuen Wan), 九龙 (Kowloon)

 Certainly one of the best Dim Sum I had in Hong Kong!

It was located next to our hotel (L'Hotel Nina Convention Centre) and Aunt Rosa suggested all of us to have our breakfast on the second morning.

- Dim Sum -

Certainly satisfied with what we had on that day. :)

In fact, Sportful Garden Restaurant offers 50% discount on their Dim Sum until 10.00am! And my family went there for a second breakfast before we left Hong Kong during our last day in HK.


- Award Recognition -


- Famous HK Artists with Sportful Garden Restaurant -

- Fried Golden Carrots -

Fried Golden Carrots were freshly prepared to preserve the original flavour and crunchiness, certainly soft in the inside and crunchy at the outside. Its just heavenly.

Furthermore, one of the dish I love was there Phoenix Crawl aka Chicken Feet! I never had so many before until that day, so large and juicy!

Every Dim Sum we had were heavenly.

- Crab -

They serve seafood as well!

- Other specialties -

That's what we had and we went for shopping after our breakfast.

- Street Food -

Certainly typical street food can be found in HK!

Location :
陶源酒家 (Sportful Garden Restaurant)
(Shop 312, 3/F, Nina Tower,
8 Yeung Uk Rd, Tsuen Wan)


  1. Always love the authentic dim sum from HK. And with 50% discount sounds really good.

  2. Mmm....lovely dim sum. Makes me drool now. Did you buy some of the sweet potatoes there? Look good

  3. Love dim sum! But I try to avoid anything that is fried :)

  4. Hong Kong has the best Dim Sum in the world!!!!!! I love that Fried Golden carrots. So nice!.

  5. the pohpia yu char kuih is something that i have not seen before but would like to try it soon~
    Happy New Year 2014!