Tuesday, January 21, 2014

CLOSED - #Saturdate at Coffee Jazz Mixers @ Lintas, KK

Another laid back session with #Saturdate (Take Another Step).

 Beverly mentioned a few times before we actually have the time to sit down and had a sip.

 All because of the Coffee Biscuit that they have in Coffee Jazz Mixer.


- Coffee Biscuit @ RM5.80 -

We could select either coffee or chocolate drink in the biscuit that we are going to have, so we had chocolate for a try. Nothing much that I can say, if only the cookies taste nicer, they do need improvement in it. 

- Mango Yogurt Smoothie and Peach Yogurt Smoothie @ RM9.90 each -

They smoothie were sweet but its okay if we had another cup of plain water.

Furthermore, they do have meal as well! Beverly said that the rice was acceptable.

- Their Menu -

- Coffee Jazz Mixers -

That's all for today!

Location :
Lot 1-0, Block A, Ground Floor, Lintas Square, Off Jalan Lintas Square, 88300 Kota Kinabalu


  1. I love coffee but I think I will go for the smoothie here.

  2. Very uniwue coffee. I would wanna try it when I go there

  3. oh i have seen this coffee biscuit before over FB, i wonder why no one is making this here in Penang hmmm