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It's an Update! Happy CNY!

 It was certainly busy lately. Chinese New Year will be tomorrow and how was your Reunion dinner tonight?

- Decorated Tree for CNY -

- Cookies -

Baked various type of cookies and keep busy with them for the past few weeks.

- Annual Dinner at Le Safran, The Peak -

Lovely environment to dine in, somehow the food might need some improvement.

- Yesterday's Night Market -

The Night before Reunion Dinner. We went to the city centre for a walk at the night market. It was definitely crowded.

- Heels!! -

Last minute shopping with Zalora! They do have many choices that made my eye blurred quite a bit.

- Reunion Dinner -

The Day when we get FAT!!

So, that's all! Hopefully I have more time to update this blog.

Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate and Happy Holidays to others!



Feel free to comment! Appreciate with your kind words and it does make my days brighter!