Saturday, January 11, 2014

Giving Back to the Community with Trefoil Guild (KK District)

Together with Trefoil Guild, Kota Kinabalu District.

Once in a while, few of us sisters will tag along with our mom, who is also a member of Trefoil Guild (Girl Guides), KK District for there outings. Normally outings with one charitable plan before hand.

 So here are the two places we have visited sometime in November, 2013.

Don Bosco, Bundu Tuhan, Ranau and Jireh Homes, Tuaran.

On our way to Don Bosco, beautiful Mount Kinabalu view during our journey. :)

- Mount Kinabalu -

- Donation from Fook Yuan, Mc Donald (Sulaman) and Anonymous individuals -

Thanks for the support and donation from all the association and individuals.

- Children Singing -

- Activities -

The children of Don Bosco did entertain us with their lovely voices and same goes to us, Trefoil Guild members taught them a few songs as well! With some hand signs and all of them were happy with the activities.

- Panoramic view -

That's conclude our last charitable trip in 2013.

So here's the previous trip we went, Jireh Home located at Tuaran. All of us enjoyed our time with the children of Jireh Home. A short introduction on Jireh Home, children of the said home includes children of family abuse, underpriviledges and orphan as well.

- Jireh Home -

Children of Jireh Home certainly helpful, took effort to help us lifting the goods from our vehicles and all.

- Donation from members and anonymous individual and KFC lunch treat from Trefoil Guild -

- Lunch with the Children -

- Certainly Grateful -

You know what? There were children who really thankful and grateful with us. The common way to thanks outsider was singing to us, non the less, Trefoil Guild prepared some activities to have fun with the children! They just love to sing and dance!! :)

Mind if I ask when was your last visit and giving back to the community? Maybe Sabahan bloggers should plan one charitable trip as well!

That's all for today!

Have a great weekend! :)


  1. it is good to do charity works, keep it up!

  2. Giving back to the society.... i guess it was last year, volunteered to help in a city run, not in Malaysia though, but i'm certainly looking forward to another chance in Malaysia soon! :)

  3. This is so good :)

    wish more like this

  4. Way to go....
    Help those ppl in need... Keep up the good work

  5. this is such a valuable charity. good job!

  6. I ll bring my son to visit this Home in conjuction of his 1st Bday n do some charity.

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