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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

【中国游玩记】 福州与厦门之子弹头火车与中山路步行街 Fun In FuZhou & XiaMen, China : Bullet Train & ZhongShan Pedestrian Street

China Part 5 - Fu Zhou (福州) & XiaMen (厦门), Northern FuJian (福建)

 So our tour in FuZhou ended when we left via Bullet Train. :)

The experience with first class bullet train ride was good (inside the train) while standing between China men and women were one kind of experience. haha :D

Here are few of the photos to summarise my journey from FuZhou to XiaMen. Well, I do miss Xia Men, it was amazing!

- Fu Zhou Train Station -

- Bullet Train -

Although it was first class that we had, the price was reasonable and train is one of the cheap and convenient transportation in China, better than the long road trip. I should say, we should learn from China with their modern technology, they are amazing!

- Hours of ride -

- Train Ticket -

- First Class -

How many first class we can have in life?

- Random Shot -

Remember to open our eyes to see things out there!

Choo Choo Choo and we arrived at ~~~

- XiaMen (厦门) -

Hop in to our XiaMen tour bus and off we go to the first spot - The restaurant!

- The best in XiaMen -

The tour we took treated us with the VIP way, and of course, we paid #likeaboss too.

Back to the hotel and rest for a while and we went to the well known Zhong Shan Pedestrian Street.

-  中山路步行街 (ZhongShan Pedestrian Street) -

The pedestrian street gave me a feel of walking in Taiwan and yes, they were influenced by Taiwan culture which located next to XiaMen. We can get a ride via ship in fact. 

Here are what we had and see!

- Shops -

Just to let you know that XiaMen's nightlife was fine, to get to know more about XiaMen, do have a look at their buildings at night. Those neon lights was great and those lights represent the best development of that province.

- My Night there -

First expensive coffee after that few days.

-  中山路步行街 (ZhongShan Pedestrian Street) -

So many attractive things to see there. :)

- I love this! -

Very cute outlet that I didn't manage to visit, but only window shopping. :(

Well, I do love the culture of XiaMen. :) Good place to visit.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

【中国福州游玩记】 林则徐纪念堂 & 三坊七巷 Fun In FuZhou : Remembering Lin ZeXu & A Good Walk at Cultural Street (ShanFangQiXiang)

China Part 5 - Fu Zhou (福州), Northern FuJian (福建)

It's a norm to visit museum while we are traveling to other countries, there goes with our China trip in FuZhou.

Visited Lin ZeXu memorial, a well known person back then, where he was the person who eliminate Opium 鸦片 with various methods. A great person who plays a huge role in China.

- Lin ZeXu Memorial -

"Located at Fuzhou of Fujian Province and founded in 1982 in memory of the national hero Lin Zexu of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), is a memorial of Chinese historical figure. The site of the memorial, covering an area of 3,000 square meters, used to be the memorial temple of Lin Zexu built in 1905. The main buildings inside the memorial are the Yimen Hall, Yubei Pavilion, Shude Hall, the southern and northern reception rooms, Quchi Building and Zhubai Study. The memorial, built in the style of the gardens in Jiangnan (a region in the lower reaches of Yangtze River Valley, including southern Jiangsu and Anhui and northern Zhejiang), is one of the major historical sites under the protection of Fujian Province." - Source

- 榕树 -

It live more than hundreds year. Old Oak Tree.

And we went for a tour, to know more about Lin ZeXu life in the olden days. The sculpture how he treats opium incidents. Burning them and capture the person behind.

Here are some of the photos I took from the museum tour. Beautifully. Historically.

- The sculptures -

And few walks away, we reached to the pedestrian area of FuZhou. 

I love this place named ShanFangQiXiang. An ancient street for us to have a walk and shopping.


And let you see what I saw and I love!

- FOOD -

We had a great walk at ShanFangQiXiang, delicious snack food that I possibly ate! No tummy ache too. hehe :D

Till then!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

An Eye Opener to Hobbycon 2014!

I believe that every individual have their hobby, wants and needs.

So, last Saturday #Saturdate date me to have a look at Hobbycon 2014 which happened at Likas Sport Complex. Well, I should say it was well organised, just a little bit warm at the venue due to some unforeseeable circumstance. 

Anyway, it was great to see so many cosplayer with all the well made costume. It was amazing!

Before reading further, FIRST!!

- #Saturdate and I -

Taken with Casio Exilim #ZR1500 :)

Bought our one day entry ticket @ RM20.00 and went into the venue. Took photo with Maguro and she was so cute as usual!

- Goodies for sale -

Handmade goodies and so many cute things to buy there! I bought the white cat ears hair band for remembrance.

- Lucky Draw -

Our prize of Japanese candies!

- Fuwa Fuwa Time -

With the theme - WONDERLAND TEA PARTY.

- Onnies and Yugana -

Well known cosplayer. 

Onnies from Thailand and Yugana from KL. I was amazed with Yugana's appearance. JUST WOW!

- Fuwa Tower Set - 

We wanted to have a tea as a support to Maguro and sorry to say that, we didn't make it. 

We arrived early and the maid cafe only start at 1.30pm. :( Way to warm and we waited for quite a while.

- Opening Ceremony -

Go Go Power Ranger! I used to watch Power Ranger way back during my childhood.

And #Saturdate almost made that happy dance there. Gosh! She love Power Ranger so so much!

- Us with our cat ears -

- Spider-gwen -

- Spiderman and Spider-gwen -

- Tom and Friend -

We went playing games before leaving the place! Chopping off tree trunks!

- Beverly, Mas and me -

I love how Mas look here. hehe :D

- Sabah Froz -

Ice Cream on a hot day and the best was it is a local Sabahan Ice Cream! 

That's all for today and look forward to see Hobbycon 2015!

See ya~

Saturday, December 13, 2014

【生活点滴】 Bits of Updates This #December! #bday ;)

December, Oh~ December. :)

A month that so many of us would love. :) In two weeks time, say hello to Christmas and New Year!

Hopefully all of us are doing great to end 2014. :)

So, my birthday was last Sunday and for the whole week, what I could remember were EATING. Gosh!

- Date with Bae -

Dinner at one of the restaurant I love in town. Kudos Bistro, Jesselton Hotel which located at Gaya Street. The decoration just lovely. :)

Appreciate the night. :)

- Kudos Bistro -

European Fine Dining Restaurant. Good service and of course lovely Christmas setting.

- Jesselton Hotel -

The oldest hotel in town. :) The one that Mohammad Ali and all the well known people stayed here in the old days. #heritage

And the next, Bae searching cake for me! From Gaya Street to Penampang and back to Gaya Street again. haha :D End up .....

- Sky Blu Bar, Gradis Hotel -

Perfect spot for couple and great view of city and the sea.

- Tradition -

An egg to start with a new age. :)

During birthday eve - Santola Cafe with #Saturdate and a surprise cake from my friend!

- Santola Cafe -

- Santola Cafe -

On Friday, bae dated me for Korean dinner few days before while I was doubting why so sudden and that's unusual of him since birthday on Sunday. 

- Pressie and Cupcakes! -

A surprise from my darlings!! Char and Beverly!! Haha :D 

I was looking at bae while I was thinking "Eh... No... Not my birthday yet." (when the staffs  and others was singing) I was totally stunt until Bev and Char appear! And they was wondering why "that" girl didn't even turn her head behind. haha :D

p/s : Cupcakes by Beverly's brother, he is one good baker!

- Us -

Never had such a surprise before. Appreciate all of them so so much!


- Christmas Carnival 2015 from 9th to 12th Dec -

Apparently had a walk with bae since that's one happening event.

- Casio Exilim ZR1500 -

Gorgeous camera and I'm so in love with it!

- December -

Two more weeks and Christmas here and the end of 2014. Just enjoy the good times.

KEEP CALM and welcome December. ;)