Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Updates : 广州 (Guang Zhou) and 福建 (Fu Jian), China 2013

Hey Hey Hey! 

Been lost for weeks and I'm back from China and in fact, I celebrated my birthday in China as well. :)

This will be a short update with some of the interesting yet beautiful places that I visited! And this time, the trip was good with perfect services (expect average food) and we enjoyed a lot during the trip.

Province and Sub Provinces that we visited during this Winter 2013 were 11 days 10 Nights in
广州 (Guang Zhou) and 福建 (Fu Jian) - 武夷山 (WuYi Mountain), 福州 (Fu Zhou), 厦门 (Xia Men), 永定 (Yong Ding) and 东山 (Dong Shan)!

-鼓浪屿 (Gu Lang Yu), 厦门 (Xia Men) -

I love this sweet and cozy place, no motor vehicles except buggy on the island. Beautiful architecture and similar to Taiwan and Macau. :)

 - 武夷山 (WuYi Mountain), 福建 (Fu Jian) - 

Magnificent scenery and friendly people that we met during our days at Wu Yi Mountain. :)

- 上下九街 (Shang Xia Jiu Jie), 广州 (Guang Zhou) -

Just to play safe, I brought my parents to Mc Donald/ Mc Cafe for coffee and snacks while seeing all the crowds from up there!

- 广州 (Guang Zhou) -

The best porridge (Prawn Porridge) and Noodles we had for supper on the first night in Guang Zhou! Located at a stall opposite our hotel that we were went for overnight and flying off to Fu Zhou on the next morning.

 - 武夷山 (WuYi Mountain), 福建 (Fu Jian) -

Inspiring and impressed all of us from the outdoor theater show we have watched, freezing with temperature of 2C during the show, imagine the temperature getting low when the night getting darker.

- Bullet Train -

First class seat from Fu Zhou to Xia Men, 3 hours!

- 步行街 (Bu Xing Jie), 厦门 (Xia Men)  -

Finally the first cup of coffee I bought from a random cafe we walked in, while others doing their shopping.

- 东山 (Dong Shan) 07.12.2013 -

And I got a surprise birthday cake from the tour company we signed with! Very simple yet noted one sweet memory, it was my first celebrating outside Malaysia.

-Gift from #Saturdate! -

Beverly from Take Another Step gave me a birthday gift before I left!

- Selfie -

We could only dress up in such a way that we can't in tropical weather like Malaysia. I always love my boots!

That's my updates for the day. Till then!


  1. The place looks serene from the first pix. How cold is It?

  2. well, i wish to go guang zhou one day cause i am gong tong yan~ LOL

  3. I love the second pic. captures the moment :P

  4. Breath-taking view at Wu Yi mountain, love those mountain views. Happy Belated Birthday to you :P

    1. :) Thank you! I love Wu Yi Mountain quite a lot!

  5. Happy Belated B'day! It's always nice to celebrate in a foreign country :D