Sunday, December 29, 2013

【沙巴游】 Papar - Borneo Cultural Village

During one fine afternoon, I was invited to for a trip to Borneo Cultural Village (BCV) together with THP.

Located at Papar, a new cultural village is running their business to allow tourists and also the local to experience a bit of the Borneo natives lifestyle and tradition.

- Entrance to Borneo Cultural Village -

First impression was great! As if we were entering a real village and with ladies who were fluent with Chinese language for explanation while introducing various tribes which could be found in Borneo.

- Introduction -

Unlike some other cultural villages, BCV offers more than 5 tribes for guests to get know more about Borneo. As far as I remember, we can visit their Traditional Papar House, Traditional Brunei House, Chinese House, Murut House, Penampang House, Bajau House, Tidung House and others as well.

Here are some of the houses and local delicacies and activities that we shall expect when we visit BCV in near future. :) Do enjoy!

- Well designed village -

Clean and well managed area.

- Local delicacies (Lihing and Sago Worm) -

I definitely will not want to try those - Sago Worm. My younger sister and my dad tried them before. Eww...

- Ambuyat -

A local delicacy by the Bisaya/ Brunei Ethnic Group, and it is also can be found in Sabah and Sarawak.

- Blow ipe by  Murut Tribe -

We were able to blow the pipe as well! The pipe which made of huge tree trunk and turn into a blow pipe after weeks and weeks of burning process and etc. In Murut culture, blow pipe was used as a weapon to hunt for animals and their food!

- Tidung Tribe -

The process of fire burning with the native way.

- Bajau House : Playing the traditional instrument -

Beautiful music played by him!

- Traditional Bajau House -

- Traditional Dances -

Besides visiting to the various traditional houses, we have the opportunity to enjoy a few traditional dances and guests were invited to be apart as well!

- Traditional Dances - Murut -

- Poco- Poco -

A type of line dancing that certainly most favoured by guests!

- Lunch -

Simple yet delicious lunch provided. BCV do care about the needs of their guests. At BCV, we can have our meal at either one of the following restaurants - Serve No Pork Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant (with pork) and even at the Korean Restaurant.

That's the end of our trip to Borneo Cultural Village!

For further information, please contact Tropical Holidays Paradise.

Location :
The small junction before the water department of Papar


  1. cool event, nice to see the culture of the past in action

  2. Wow awesome event and great pictures nice post doll.

  3. Now, I just know that Sabah has Cultural Village too. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. This is an interesting place and I noticed they have got same bamboo flooring like those stilt houses in Cambodia.



  5. Awesome post with awesome photos! Thx for sharing~
    Happy New Year!

  6. Wonderful !! A great opportunity to see their traditions! Good food too !

  7. Wow, those worms are not meant to be eaten alive right? ewww! haha Happy New Year to you :)

  8. So Thanks for your kind comment.. happy new year to you too.. :-)))

  9. It's definitely a must-go tourist attraction; I would personally want to pay this village a visit.
    If you drive from K.Kinabalu, is the junction before or after Papar town?

    Happy new year 2014

    1. Its before Papar town! A small junction on the left!

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  11. This is truly a Paradise <3

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  12. Dear Meitzeu, nice to read this. I would like to know the entrance fee fro this village. How mush for malaysian adlut/child & foreigner. Incase you had an idea, please share to me. many thanks.


    1. Hi Cater. :)

      I can't recall how much was the entrance fee. However, it seem like reasonable priced. Don't worry. :)

  13. Hi Meitzu. May I know where is the exact location of this place? ;)