Sunday, November 10, 2013

【香港游玩记】 九龙之荃灣 - 美心酒店 Fun In Hong Kong : Tsuen Wan, Kowloon - Street Shot and Amazing L'hotel Nina et Convention Centre

Hong Kong Part 10 -  如心海景酒店暨會議中心 (L'hotel Nina et Convention Centre), 荃灣 (Tsuen Wan), 九龙 (Kowloon)

Finally back in Hong Kong and it was the first time we traveled back to our hotel from airport with their bus transport, definitely one of the convenient method to reach our hotel after being advised by Uncle Tai. :)

- In the Public Bus -

I did mentioned before that I like to sit in a public transportation whereby we could enjoy the local scene/ lifestyle of one place. Indeed I had a good time enjoying myself with my eye while we were on our way. :)

- The Highway -

- Market -

- The Street -

Hong Kong is such a busy city.

A short trip from the airport to the last station (Tsuen Wan) of the bus we paid for, a short walk and we arrived at L'Hotel Nina et Convention Centre. Well managed hotel and definitely a good hotel to overnight with. Kid you not, it wasn't a norm that I will write a review for hotel I'm staying, exceptional for the good ones I encountered.

- L'hotel Nina et Convention Centre (on the left) -

The night view of L'hotel during one night after we had our dinner.

- First snap in room :) -

- Twin Bed Room -

The room just made us hesitate to leave them @_@. It was super cozy!! Single bed equivalent to queen size bed! :)

- Our view from 73rd Floor -

Amazing Kowloon View with fog!

- The Transparent Bathroom -

DON'T BE SURPRISE! It is normal to have see through bathroom in Hong Kong. Luckily there was a plastic cloth to cover up while we were having our bath in our room, but we still can see the person's shadow while he/she having their shower.

- Night View from 73rd Floor -

Beautiful scenery of Hong Kong like they always say.

- Room at 75th Floor -

We hang out at Uncle Tai/ Aunt Rosa room on the second day, it was amazing with perfect sea view!!

- View from 75th Floor -

Our room was upgraded and so do Uncle Tai and Aunt Rosa, their room was amazing!! I guess their room is honeymoon suite if I'm not mistaken. It's like TV screen in front of the bed.

- Sea view of Hong Kong -

- Tea Talk at 75th Floor -

L'hotel was great and definitely cost a boom when we were there.

I wish to visit Hong Kong again and hope I have the chance to overnight at L'hotel in the future! :)

Location :
L'hotel Nina et Convention Centre
8 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

Contact : (852) 2280 2898

URL : L'hotel Nina Convention Centre


  1. Amazing view from your hotel. Must be fun.


  2. well, i would like to go hk too one day

  3. I love the snap of you jumping in the the bathroom

  4. I also prefer to take public transportation whenever I travelled; either by bus or train even I went Indonesia with my mom. I just love to watch each and evey scene throughout the journey. I guess this hotel must be very expensive seeing that the size and location of it but I love your upgraded room. Not just Hong Kong, most hotel nowadays their bathroom were transparent like in Singapore, Bangkok, Japan, China and even in KL itself.

  5. Room at 75th Floor, good lawd, awesome view!

  6. What a nice hotel to stay! I miss HK badly :<

  7. Nice hotel, with very cool bathroom!

  8. Nice hotel, i'm sure its not cheap to stay one night there... how much does it cost?

    1. I can't remember, but definitely is expensive. I paid in HKD.

  9. With a city view and skyline like that, it sure would give magnificent night photography from the hotel room.