Wednesday, November 20, 2013

【沙巴美食】亚庇 - 千层蛋糕 Food in Sabah : Kota Kinabalu - Crepe Cake by Cafe De Vie, Lintas

We often heard about crepe cake, the layered thin pancakes with cream and fruits in between.

Finally, a new cafe in town named Cafe De Vie started their business few months ago and their star dessert is CREPE! One of the dessert that I would love to try for a long time.

Therefore, you know what I will do next! We went there on a Sunday afternoon for coffee chillin time. :)

- Rum and Raisin Crepe Cake and Hot Cappuccino -

I love the simple concept of the cafe, a very cozy cafe for a long chat too. The cappuccino wasn't sweet at all, which is good and add in sugar according to our preference.

As for the crepe cake, I like the soft texture of it, crepe wasn't sweet as well. Some may say their crepes wasn't nice, as what I could comment, something different and currently I have visited twice to the cafe and until I found the next cafe with delicious crepe, maybe by that time, it is suitable for me to comment which one nicer. ;) Frankly speaking, they haven't catch my attention that made me crave their crepes very much, yet.

By the way, maybe they could add a bit more on the rum! I didn't taste any rum during my first visit the other day.

However, I will be visiting them once in a while in the future. ;)

Facebook : Cafe De Vie KK

Location :
Lot No.15-0, LLP No.4,
Lintas Plaza Phase 2B, Jalan Lintas
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

and Metro Town.

Contact :
088 - 260 633 (Lintas)


  1. The food looks delicious.

  2. Oh i had rum and raisins crepe cake before in one of the cafes in Penang, the one i had was slightly too sweet to my liking though :(

  3. Everyone is crazy over crepe Cake in KL. I must bake them and sell.

  4. Wow...kopi and crepe for afternoon break. I love it.

  5. Oh my. This place is a must go. Mesti try mcm sedap ni

  6. oh looks good! this is a must go & must try ^^

  7. wow...i've never tried crepe cake before. ur post makes me want to hunt for it...
    check out my blog:

  8. I've never really liked crepe. Cuz I always feel that I didn't eat anything even after I ate a crepe. So little. Wakakaa.

    Maybe I should bring my uncle here. His family likes this kind of place.

    Happy Wednesday, Meitzeu!