Tuesday, October 22, 2013

That Scrumptious Burger by myBurgerLab, Petaling Jaya!

I have read reviews on myBurgerLab months ago and I never ever thought that I could possibly visit them personally!

 Thanks to YinBears and Mr. G who brought me there to try their perfectly juicy burger during my recent trip to KL. :)

- The queue -

Stood for almost half and hour to buy our meal for the night. They start from 5.00pm to 10.00pm, quite short hours with overflowing customers.

- Random Phrases outside myBurgerLab -

- The Interior -

From what i could see, I guess most of them were students from the nearby housing area and somehow people like us/ tourists (we met a couple there!) go there to try their scrumptious burgers as well.

- Instagram -

Very simple and interesting concept at one corner.

- The Menu -

Limited supplies for all the burgers offered. Remember to be early to try out the burger you might wanna have! 

I wish to try stinky boom (I love PETAI!), but it was sold out that night. :(

- The Queue -

- Of What we Had -

I couldn't recall what I had, but it Charcoal Bread, juicy beef and mushroom in it. 

For me, the burger by myBurgerLab was the BEST ONE I had tried before!!!

I  do miss the juicy meat, the soft bread, the fries by them, definitely the best I had until today. A yummy outing and I did not regret to wait for the long queue (which I normally walk away). :)

Website : myBurgerLab

Location :
Jalan 21/22  Sea Park,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


  1. wah, so many people~ i am sure they got a lot of customer from FB sharing and blog review~ XD

  2. hehehe... next time when u come i bring u there again lar :p

    1. Can Can! But other new hunts, you bring me first. :P

    2. okok... u tell me where u wanna go lar we go mkn mkn trip :D

  3. I also came across many positive reviews about this myBurger Lab. Will add this into my list if going KL again.

  4. hey they opened new branch in OUG old klang road

  5. wow so cool! wanna taste that kind of Burger too! looks yummy!


  6. Initially wanted to go there but heard very crowded.

  7. Heard of this place before but never tried before, too far away from Penang :P

  8. Okay that Charcoal Bread look so scary hahaa. But I bet it taste really good... by looking at the cheese.

    Happy weekend, Meitzeu!