Tuesday, October 15, 2013

HaiKou (海口), Hainan (海南), China (中国) : Sightseeing HaiKou & Last Day in China!

Hainan, China - Part 9 - Sightseeing and last day in Hainan!

After we had visited 琼台书院 (QiongTai ShuYuan), we went for our dinner with other mates and back to the hotel for rest. 

- Dinner -

All of us were looking forward to have good dinner with the four signature dishes of Hainan - Hainanese Chicken, Crabs, Mutton and Duck. But it turns out to be another disappointing one. Small portion of food shared among 15 of us. My gosh! Moreover it was paid by all of us with sharing bills.

The condition even got complicated when we saw what we paid for that night could even paid for a luxurious dinner at the same restaurant. My aunt even asked the tourist guide and uncle complained to other tourist guide who brought tourist to have dinner at the same restaurant. 

- Sightseeing Haikou -

It was raining and elderly and HK tour mates who took the same tour package complained the tourist guide and tour leader, in the end, quarrel happened. Cut the story short, the tour guide had been suspended from work and so on when we are back in Malaysia.

- Sightseeing Haikou -

Haikou is another city in Hainan, a developed city and weather was freezing cold.

Back to our hotel at night and hotel room was normal, meatball and I dated our uncle for a drink/ supper at the hotel lobby. Frankly speaking, I guess all of us did not had a good meal during our trip. I ate like a pig when I'm back to Hong Kong, felt like back to heaven in HK.

- Morning view from balcony -

Strong wind and raining again.

- Breakfast -

Perhaps the best we had and it was..... cold/ warm. -__-"

- Shocked with the explosion -

Back in our hotel room and wait for the time to leave the hotel, and when meatball switched on the light, BOOM! My gosh! We hugged together and totally need to calm down.

- Our Room -

Anyway, I guess we should expect for what we had paid for. In fact, when we purchased packages from the wrong travel company, that's what we expect for. 

Finally~~~ Airport!

- 美兰国际机场 (Mei Lan International Airport) -

At least their airport look decent. :)

- Flying back to HK! -

Looking forward to HK and Kei Wah cookie, I like I like! :)

Good bye Hainan, till we meet again.


  1. Everything about this trip looks perfect from the hotel room the scenery and the food.

  2. Never have a chance to travel to China again within these few years, would love to explore more someday in future!^^
    Share more with us ;)

    1. hmm... choose your place if you are going to visit China. Some may give you a heart attack!

  3. The fan was "Made In China"... No wonder lah! Wakakakakaka

  4. Sounds like pretty bad experience. Ahem ...mibd sharing which agency?

  5. how was the breakfast of the hotels at haikou ar? haha..i was given only mantou and tea that's it..huhu

    1. Breakfast was okay, and depends on where we stay also la..