Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sweet Lingerie by House of Snowy

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I bet many of you girls love pyjamas and lingerie.

Somehow I received a few pieces from House of Snowy for review and as for me, a person who would consider QUALITY first, I do love the pyjamas (PJs) by them. :) Comfy cotton material and reasonably (cheap) priced!


 - House of Snowy -

From what we could see in their Facebook, there's variety of charming, sexy, sweet and non the least a little bringing out the child inside us kind of PJs.

Aww~ It is just comfy to sleep with pretty PJs and lingerie, even if we are dreaming, it would be a sweet one. :P

- Cartoons Themed Pajamas -

First touch on the fabric and it was okay, even my sister and mom were praising on them and wanted to buy as well. (@_@)

And secondly, I have washed both of them and the colour doesn't fade away! 

And thirdly, I gonna sleep with them finally!

Despite on the quality, it is far more better than many China online clothing.

- Cartoon Themed Pyjama @ RM30.00 -

- The Fabric -

Quality seems just the same as the advert pieces uploaded at House of Snowy Facebook Page.

- Cartoon Themed Pyjama @ RM28.00 -

- The Fabric -

- Costume Themed Lingerie @ RM30.00 -

It was a bit awkward, but seems there's people who love these.

- The Fabric -

Soft material and thin laced lingerie.

Acceptable quality, cheap pricing and we can buy with few clicks from home! 

Perhaps, buying sexy lingerie for friends. Good idea!

Facebook : House of Snowy

Shipping : Within Malaysia