Friday, September 13, 2013

HaiKou (海口), Hainan (海南), China (中国) : 琼海市游览 - 博鳌水城游船观光 Cruise Trip while Raining... =_=" Oh Boy...

Hainan, China - Part 7 - 琼海市游览 - 博鳌水城游船观光

It was raining and yet our tour guide won't allow us to say "NO" for the cruise program.

And the weather was extremely cold and windy, imagine most of us felt like flying and hair was a mess. :/ Crap!

And here are what we encountered during the cruise trip.

- Walk to the jetty -

Slippery and way too pack with local tourists as well. Crazy!

- Landed the opposite "island"? -

And let gets thing straight to the point, there's a well known person who will took his signature pose at the island and shoulder wide open that left will be the open sea and at the right will be the stone just like the one at the next photo. Representing the power of a person.

- Freaking cold -

- The Open sea and the Stone -

I don't have a nice picture of mine with shoulder wide open, so... you just imagine la! 

We walked a while and chasing our tour guide to bring us back to the main land.

- The Entrance Fee -

And that ended our cruise trip with complains.

Hop into the tour bus and off we go to the next destination and getting nearer to go back Hong Kong.

- Random Shot -

Just like what we could see from China movie. In fact, I do like to see the local architecture that represent the originality of them. This picture could relate so much.

- Paddy Field -

I remember that I saw plenty of agriculture while in the bus, either huge or smaller ones.

And NATURE CALLED US! Time for date with the washroom and totally dropped some of our eyes that we need go into the bushes and NO WAY... I just waited for the next petrol station and where I found FOOD!!!! YUMMYYYY!! Heavenly food on that trip in Hainan, finally.

- Coffee at  Petrol Station Cafe -

It was so random that we went for WC visit and since we still have time for stop over, we went into the cafe for coffee. And Oh yes! Coffee was great (although a bit pricey)! All the happy faces can be seen on that trip from all of my family.

- Hainanese Chicken Rice -

I think it was the best meal we had during that trip, the meals included and arranged by our tour guide just awful and weird.

We didn't even had our satisfying four signature dishes of Hainan - Hainanese Chicken (文昌鸡), Lamb (东山羊), Duck (家蒸鸭) and crab (螃蟹). Tour guide claimed that all four are the signatures dishes which I only knew one. hehe. (:P) Just disappointed with the expensive meal and small portion prepared during the last meal we had and kid you not, 15 of us sharing all the food on single table.

And we continued our journey to he next destination, very quiet and worth for a visit.

- Oh Jay Chou -

Chips bought by meatball and it was good!!

Till then!


  1. Great post. Thank you for visiting my blog following you by bloglovin.

  2. those chips look like pringles

  3. Wow, firstly I love the breeze and the beach, than the beautiful preserved places you been to and of course food is part of what we enjoy when we travel.

  4. I have visited so many parts of China and complained about their food too. Later I realized we Malaysian born Chinese have strong taste buds due to our mixed local food cultures.

  5. oh, the place certainly looks like a nice place to visit!!

    i have not been to Hainan Island before albeit heard many about it from a friend..

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  6. Wow, the sea breeze, yea, can tell that it was freezing cold LOL!

  7. ahhhh such a bad timing. Lol-ed at that jay chou's chip! :P