Thursday, September 19, 2013

Culinary Experieces in KL by Apples On Sticks

 *Featured blogger*
Edith  from Apples on Sticks, a European who currently based in KL.
Lets read her experience on Malaysian cuisine she encountered. :)

Being in Asia for the first time, and having tasted only a limited amount of Asian food in Europe, being in Malaysia is a challenging culinary experience. It starts as soon as I want to go out of the comfort zone of western restaurants and try the local food, in all its shapes and sizes. In fact, Asian food is spicy and includes a lot of fried food, basically different from the European standards when it comes to hygiene. It goes without saying that I have experienced my fair share of food poisoning and indigestion, which I luckily overcame with antacids, but in the long-term, other measures were needed. Therefore, I sought out better restaurants which served better food.

I was so excited about being here from the start that I ventured right into the local food stalls in order to get familiarized with the most basic Malaysian cuisine. At first, it was thrilling, I was tasting everything and discovering new tastes and ingredients, without any problems. Unfortunately, this episode didn’t last forever, as I soon got sick, and that lasted for a while. I figured, my time with local food was over and I sadly had to move on to eating Western food from now on. Little did I know that this was not entirely true.

After a good rest for days, I felt a lot better and thus I went out to try and eat again with a friend of mine. The place surpassed all my expectations, because it was awesome! It was healthy, it was local, it was clean, and the ambient was super nice! I immediately fell in love with this place.
Woods is a vegan place built around the concept that food should be healthy. The way they incorporate this is that first of all, the place is vegan, second of all, it’s bio, and third of all, the ingredients are chosen on the basis of their nutritious value. So for instance, you can order a dish based on which nutrients it contains and which health benefits it has. If you had a rough night out on a Saturday, it’s probably a good idea to order a ‘liver food’, that is a dish that will heal your liver and so on. All this in a great ambient of a wide and tall location, with wooden tables and a soothing silence unlike the chaotic noise of the streets of KL.

After having suffered for a long time from heartburn and indigestion mostly every time I ate out, I got to understand why that was happening thanks to this infograhic :-

As an alternative, Woods offers mostly non-fried foods and they are also particularly healthy. They also specify each dish’s health benefits, and offer bio ingredients. In addition to the restaurant, they have an attached shop where you can buy your fresh bio groceries and even some bio toiletries! The service is good, the staff is friendly, and the prices are very good, too. These are some of the dishes I highly recommend :-

- Curry Soy Noodles -

  - Carrot Okara Lentil Burger -

- Steamed cabbage with Turmeric -

All in all, yummy food with healthy recipes and a great environment. You simply have to try it if you are in KL, especially if you are looking for something soothing for your tummy. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Location :
Wisma Bukit Bintang,
28 Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL.

Contact :
+6 03 2143 1636