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Thursday, September 26, 2013

HaiKou (海口), Hainan (海南), China (中国) : Back to Square One - 琼台书院 (QiongTai ShuYuan)

Hainan, China - Part 8 - 琼台书院, 海口

Personally I love this place, all the calm and quiet surrounding suit us most.
琼台书院 (QiongTai ShuYuan)

Rain was drizzling and weather was cold, in other hand, we could even see the air blowing out from our mouth while we were having a conversation.

Now, let us see this college closely...

- The Entrance -

"琼台书院是海南著名的名胜古迹。琼台书院是海南省旅游涉外定点单位,也是海南省文物保护单位,它坐落在琼山市府城镇中山北路。相传是后人为纪念海南第一才子、明朝大学士邱浚而建。" - 百度 Baidu

Translation : "Hainan and Taiwan College (QiongTai ShuYuan) is one of the famous monument in Hainan. Hainan and Taiwan College is Hainan foreign tourist units and also known as Hainan cultural relics conservation units, which located in Qiongshan town, Zhongshan North Road. The place was built to commemorate the scholar Qui Ju of Ming Dynasty."

- Some of Us -

- Very Peaceful Surrounding -

- 搜书院 -

Part of the images that we could see at QiongTai ShuYuan, a story behind each of them.

- The authentic College -

The conserved building behind the block. Maintained the old furniture for us to see and touch?

A bit spooky, however to know a bit more about Hainanese culture would be essential of the generation after.

- Explanation by Our Tourist Guide -

- Living Room -

- Signature Pose at the Entrance -

- The Scholars of Hainan -

- The End -

That's all for what we saw from QionTai ShuYuan!

Next, to end the trip at Hainan and say HELLO to HK!

Location :
8 Zhongshan Road, Qiongshan,
Haikou, Hainan.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Octopus Way with Tako Japanese Restaurant, Wisma Damai, KK

Its always feels good to have Japanese food! :) Simply love sashimi!

During one fine night, all of us were out with own programs and dining at Japanese Restaurant nearby my house was what I had. :)

- Tako Japanese Restaurant -

Tako means Octopus in Japanese language.

Heard that this restaurant was the one from Palm Square, Center Point Shopping Mall and the same staffs can been seen as well.

- Part of the Menu -

These were what we had for the night...

- Curry Chicken -

- Oyakodon (親子丼) @ RM16.00 -

Chicken with eggs and onions. Portion was a bit small but the taste still good.

Overall food and service and good. Once in a while dining in will be nice! :)

Business Hour :
Dinner : 6.00pm - 10.00pm
Close on Monday

Location :
Lot 7, Ground Floor, Wisma Damai,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Contact :
088-281 800

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Culinary Experieces in KL by Apples On Sticks

 *Featured blogger*
Edith  from Apples on Sticks, a European who currently based in KL.
Lets read her experience on Malaysian cuisine she encountered. :)

Being in Asia for the first time, and having tasted only a limited amount of Asian food in Europe, being in Malaysia is a challenging culinary experience. It starts as soon as I want to go out of the comfort zone of western restaurants and try the local food, in all its shapes and sizes. In fact, Asian food is spicy and includes a lot of fried food, basically different from the European standards when it comes to hygiene. It goes without saying that I have experienced my fair share of food poisoning and indigestion, which I luckily overcame with antacids, but in the long-term, other measures were needed. Therefore, I sought out better restaurants which served better food.

I was so excited about being here from the start that I ventured right into the local food stalls in order to get familiarized with the most basic Malaysian cuisine. At first, it was thrilling, I was tasting everything and discovering new tastes and ingredients, without any problems. Unfortunately, this episode didn’t last forever, as I soon got sick, and that lasted for a while. I figured, my time with local food was over and I sadly had to move on to eating Western food from now on. Little did I know that this was not entirely true.

After a good rest for days, I felt a lot better and thus I went out to try and eat again with a friend of mine. The place surpassed all my expectations, because it was awesome! It was healthy, it was local, it was clean, and the ambient was super nice! I immediately fell in love with this place.
Woods is a vegan place built around the concept that food should be healthy. The way they incorporate this is that first of all, the place is vegan, second of all, it’s bio, and third of all, the ingredients are chosen on the basis of their nutritious value. So for instance, you can order a dish based on which nutrients it contains and which health benefits it has. If you had a rough night out on a Saturday, it’s probably a good idea to order a ‘liver food’, that is a dish that will heal your liver and so on. All this in a great ambient of a wide and tall location, with wooden tables and a soothing silence unlike the chaotic noise of the streets of KL.

After having suffered for a long time from heartburn and indigestion mostly every time I ate out, I got to understand why that was happening thanks to this infograhic :-

As an alternative, Woods offers mostly non-fried foods and they are also particularly healthy. They also specify each dish’s health benefits, and offer bio ingredients. In addition to the restaurant, they have an attached shop where you can buy your fresh bio groceries and even some bio toiletries! The service is good, the staff is friendly, and the prices are very good, too. These are some of the dishes I highly recommend :-

- Curry Soy Noodles -

  - Carrot Okara Lentil Burger -

- Steamed cabbage with Turmeric -

All in all, yummy food with healthy recipes and a great environment. You simply have to try it if you are in KL, especially if you are looking for something soothing for your tummy. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Location :
Wisma Bukit Bintang,
28 Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL.

Contact :
+6 03 2143 1636

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sweet Lingerie by House of Snowy

* Sponsored post *

I bet many of you girls love pyjamas and lingerie.

Somehow I received a few pieces from House of Snowy for review and as for me, a person who would consider QUALITY first, I do love the pyjamas (PJs) by them. :) Comfy cotton material and reasonably (cheap) priced!


 - House of Snowy -

From what we could see in their Facebook, there's variety of charming, sexy, sweet and non the least a little bringing out the child inside us kind of PJs.

Aww~ It is just comfy to sleep with pretty PJs and lingerie, even if we are dreaming, it would be a sweet one. :P

- Cartoons Themed Pajamas -

First touch on the fabric and it was okay, even my sister and mom were praising on them and wanted to buy as well. (@_@)

And secondly, I have washed both of them and the colour doesn't fade away! 

And thirdly, I gonna sleep with them finally!

Despite on the quality, it is far more better than many China online clothing.

- Cartoon Themed Pyjama @ RM30.00 -

- The Fabric -

Quality seems just the same as the advert pieces uploaded at House of Snowy Facebook Page.

- Cartoon Themed Pyjama @ RM28.00 -

- The Fabric -

- Costume Themed Lingerie @ RM30.00 -

It was a bit awkward, but seems there's people who love these.

- The Fabric -

Soft material and thin laced lingerie.

Acceptable quality, cheap pricing and we can buy with few clicks from home! 

Perhaps, buying sexy lingerie for friends. Good idea!

Facebook : House of Snowy

Shipping : Within Malaysia

Friday, September 13, 2013

HaiKou (海口), Hainan (海南), China (中国) : 琼海市游览 - 博鳌水城游船观光 Cruise Trip while Raining... =_=" Oh Boy...

Hainan, China - Part 7 - 琼海市游览 - 博鳌水城游船观光

It was raining and yet our tour guide won't allow us to say "NO" for the cruise program.

And the weather was extremely cold and windy, imagine most of us felt like flying and hair was a mess. :/ Crap!

And here are what we encountered during the cruise trip.

- Walk to the jetty -

Slippery and way too pack with local tourists as well. Crazy!

- Landed the opposite "island"? -

And let gets thing straight to the point, there's a well known person who will took his signature pose at the island and shoulder wide open that left will be the open sea and at the right will be the stone just like the one at the next photo. Representing the power of a person.

- Freaking cold -

- The Open sea and the Stone -

I don't have a nice picture of mine with shoulder wide open, so... you just imagine la! 

We walked a while and chasing our tour guide to bring us back to the main land.

- The Entrance Fee -

And that ended our cruise trip with complains.

Hop into the tour bus and off we go to the next destination and getting nearer to go back Hong Kong.

- Random Shot -

Just like what we could see from China movie. In fact, I do like to see the local architecture that represent the originality of them. This picture could relate so much.

- Paddy Field -

I remember that I saw plenty of agriculture while in the bus, either huge or smaller ones.

And NATURE CALLED US! Time for date with the washroom and totally dropped some of our eyes that we need go into the bushes and NO WAY... I just waited for the next petrol station and where I found FOOD!!!! YUMMYYYY!! Heavenly food on that trip in Hainan, finally.

- Coffee at  Petrol Station Cafe -

It was so random that we went for WC visit and since we still have time for stop over, we went into the cafe for coffee. And Oh yes! Coffee was great (although a bit pricey)! All the happy faces can be seen on that trip from all of my family.

- Hainanese Chicken Rice -

I think it was the best meal we had during that trip, the meals included and arranged by our tour guide just awful and weird.

We didn't even had our satisfying four signature dishes of Hainan - Hainanese Chicken (文昌鸡), Lamb (东山羊), Duck (家蒸鸭) and crab (螃蟹). Tour guide claimed that all four are the signatures dishes which I only knew one. hehe. (:P) Just disappointed with the expensive meal and small portion prepared during the last meal we had and kid you not, 15 of us sharing all the food on single table.

And we continued our journey to he next destination, very quiet and worth for a visit.

- Oh Jay Chou -

Chips bought by meatball and it was good!!

Till then!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Dim Sum by Jing Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum (精选香港特级点心), Damansara Utama, PJ

I still remember that it was after my associateship graduation in K.L. back then.

A friend of my sister came and fetch and brought us to Jing Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum, Damansara Utama Branch for breakfast! I guess pretty much of most of us love Dim Sum. :)

I love the varieties that I could find there and which a number of it I have yet to see. 

Here are what we could expect from Jing Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum.

- Pan/ Deep Fried and Baked -

- Jing Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum (精选香港特级点心) -

- Taro Ball -

- Steamed Dim Sum -

- 流沙包 -

Not every Dim Sum restaurant could prepare a nice and runny custard bun.

I like this bun when it was hot and feels like melting inside our mouth.

- Menu -

The serving are reasonable with portion that really inviting. No wonder a lots of people are there for breakfast!

Till then!

Location :
63G & 65G, Jalan SS21/60, 
Damansara Utama,
47400 PJ, Selangor.

Contact No. :
03-7729 8881 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Beach & Cheese - Chillin at Langkah Syabas Beach Resort, Kinarut, Sabah

:) Another chilling along the balcony with the view of our nature beach away from town.

During one fine weekend, after completed the charity movement with my mom and her friends, few of us went to Langkah Syabas Beach Resort for their homemade cheese to be exact. 

In fact, it is resort located at "Village by the Sea" (Kampung Kinarut Laut). Interesting village name and its true that the resort just next to the sea.  Beautiful sunset view as well.

So, we wanted to buy some cheese back home but in the end, we settled ourselves with a table for five.

- Homemade Cheese -

The cheese is one of their specialty of Langkah Syabas Beach Resort, they even sell it in town. Freshly made cheese even blinks my eye.

We had fried cheese and the normal cheese with crackers and toast. Definitely I love the original one without being fried, runny cheese with toast, not really my favourite. Somehow eating cheese and crackers just reminds me of what I had for breakfast while I was furthering my studies in Liverpool, UK back then. :) With blue cheese while video "msn-ing" with my family in Malaysia.

- Fried Cheese -

- Lime Juice -

Certainly refreshing. :)

- The view from the Balcony -

We could feel the breezy air and by looking further, there will be the SEA!

From their website, I read that they could plan for a garden party/ garden wedding. How lovely. :) Always love a cozy outdoor party.

By the way, their food are certainly taste good, just worth to travel a bit from K.K. for a nice evening. 

Till then!

Location :
Kampung Laut Kinarut, Off Jalan Papar Baru,
88858 Kota Kinabalu

 URL : Langkah Syabas Beach Resort