Friday, August 2, 2013

When My Dad becomes Our Fashion Advisor!

Just like ordinary days, prepared myself to work..

Dressed myself with V neck sky blue bodycon dress and while I was passing by my dad who was sitting at the dining table for a short rest... In all of the sudden, I heard something uncommon. Here goes...

Dad : "Hey daughter, add a BELT!! You look like a SHARK in that dress. It's too plain!"

Me : "...... Okay... I gonna spice up the dress with my thin orange belt la!" 

(I asked him to repeat what he said, thought I heard it wrongly by I look like an IKAN PAUS!) (-__-)

So that's how my day began the other day, all of us had a good laugh though. Told some of my friends and meatball-online shared the joke for the day!

That's my dad, unexpected sometime. Imagined animated shark, its in LIGHT BLUE! 

So, I encountered an interesting online website of various brands from high street to high end fashion - Zalora Women's Butik. Such a convenient shopping destination from home with clicks and credit cards. Well... convenient is everything for us in this era. :)

Perhaps I can show Zalora to my dad and ask him to pick a few dresses for me. :P

I like dress like this, simple yet casual. Suitable for dates and even to work!

Online shopping. *tsk tsk* Girls just love shopping and if it is a trusted website, it will be even better!

That's all for today!

By the way, my dad repeat the same phrase again two days ago, while I'm in my grey dress. :D

"Add a brooch, you look like a shark!"

p/s : Dad has a good sense of fashion, he like us to  be beautifully dressed (at least neat)/ groomed and even wear heels too!


  1. your dad so cute!

    whenever i ask daddy how do i look. he ALWAYS reply okay la =.= so boring zzz

  2. hahaha... ur dad has a really good taste with fashion and good sense of humor too! :P

  3. Your dad must be young and modern ideas. It is so unusual to hear that fathers could be so gifted with ladies fashion sense. Good for you!

    1. He have four daughters! and definitely take care of us! hehe

  4. yeah, it is good to interact with your dad loh~

  5. LOL, but i think your dad has some real constructive comments too lah :P