Monday, August 19, 2013

Sanya (三亚), Hainan (海南), China (中国) : 蝴蝶谷 (Butterfly Park) & 亚龙弯 (YaLongWan) 旅游度假村

Hainan, China - Part 5 - 蝴蝶谷 (Butterfly Park) and 亚龙弯 (YaLongWan) 旅游度假村, 三亚 (Sanya)

After visiting 鹿回头景区 (LuHuiTou Scenic Area), we headed to see the beautiful butterfly art.

- 蝴蝶谷 (Butterfly Park) -

Couldn't agree more that China people are clever with all kinds of things they could created and searching ways to earn for a living, but once again, their washroom "Sucks, mad sucks." (Yucks!)

Here are some of the beautiful arts of butterflies!

- Types of beautiful butterflies -

- Peacock Photography -

There's one monster turtle at the aquarium on the left which I forgot to snap it. (-_-").

The peacock just beautiful and that's one kind of tourist photography style she had! :P

And next, we went to 亚龙弯 (YaLongWan) 旅游度假村!

- White Sandy Beach -

It do reminds me about the our beautiful beaches in Malaysia, we have so many nature resources and beautiful scenery. In fact, tour to the beaches in Hainan, doesn't impress me. It was so crowded over there.

- Selca with the landmark of 亚龙弯 (YaLongWan) -

First World Bay.


- White Sand -

- Rough Sand -

- Just like Our Tamu -

Souvenirs anyone?

That's the end of our Sanya trip and next, we went to a colder place..


after three.... hours....long distance drive.....


  1. the entrance for the butterfly park seems interesting, yeah all my friends who went to china said the same about the toilet... most of the toilets no water one.

  2. The entrance is so cute. You traveled with 2 bags? hao kin nyaw! I couldn't, not strong enough. LOL

  3. The beach looks clean and white.
    China never runs out of places to visit, i think.

  4. Yea their toilets are horrible, the ladies had to use umbrella to cover during my visit to beijing few years back LOL!

  5. Heyy sweety

    Such a nice place and a nice blog
    Kind to drop by and Follow me on GFC.
    It is great to be your friend

  6. The peacocks are so big. Beautiful beach!