Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Over the Weekend #KL #Random #CoffeeTalk #Shopping

Just like the usual me, I love being random and even talk randomly. For those who know me in person, they knew it!

Last weekend was kind of free and easy for me (long weekend for Raya) and booked return flight few weeks ago and off I went to K.L. for a short vacation. A trip that I bought for myself, take a break which I really needed it, that's a decision that a Sagittarius will take and JUST DO IT!

- Just Me -

The trip turned out to be something great for me, I met a girl friend that I haven't see for more than 10 years which she knew I was in KL via Facebook. 

I kept my decision to myself and a few close friends, dated one of my ex colleague who happened to be in KL and I had quite a number of yummy food! It was not like the usual me that I didn't bought many dresses, but a few expensive items that I really love. :) It was SALES anyway. :)

- New with Jelly Shoe by Jelly Bunny, Mid Valley -

Hmm.. Perhaps some of you might complain why I didn't inform while I was in KL, I just don't want to troublesome my friends instead, I just wanna silently enjoy my trip away from town with a cup of coffee somehow, sitting there doing nothing, "I also syok (我也爽)". (lol) 

Its a short trip to get over with personally.

And here are some of the highlights of my trip! Do enjoy!

-The Bee, Publika -

-The Bee, Publika -

- Yin Yin, my ex colleague -

Thanks for your companion over the two days and also your boyboy, bringing me to cafes you love and I really love all of them! :) You just love to "feed" and I still remember what you mention to us before!

Really nice catching up with you!!!!! 

- Fat Spoon Cafe, PJ -

- Marmalade, Bangsar Village -

- Slurping Cappuccino -

I enjoyed a lot exploring nice cafes and seeing new things.

- Banana Leaf Rice by Nirvana, Bangsar -

Kid you not, it was my first time to have Banana Leaf Rice, so.... I'm officially a Malaysian lah!

:) I'm blessed with so many little things in life, just remember that think positively, there's no one who have the ground to make you happy but YOURSELF. And of course, be a giver, not a taker.  People who love you, will always be there for you. :)

Till then! 

  Hope you enjoy reading this just like the feeling I had! Cheers!


  1. glad u enjoy it... have a great time catching up with u. XOXO

  2. seems like u have visited some of the most recommended places in kl... :)

  3. aiks....short trip ah? should have stayed longer

  4. banana leaf rice is yummy! :D which place did you go for?

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  5. You should just have a slurp of that Cappuccino and take a picture of yourself having the milk mustache. Wakaka jk.

    Happy Friday, Meitzeu!

  6. Haha saw ur updates that u were at The Bee! Would love to meet u if got time next time! :D

  7. wah, everything is with banana leaf. must be very wangi.

  8. The banana leaf rice is so attractive.. I fly back to KL every long PH because that's where my second home is. Next time we should meet up there for shopping and exploring :)