Thursday, August 22, 2013

CLOSED - & Patrick's Signature (by Party Play Lifestyle Cafe)

Another concept by Party Play Lifestyle Cafe.

Located at the exact spot where Party Play Lifestyle Cafe would be. 

And now, they are serving pork as well!

- Patrick's Signature -

The first day when they changed their menu, three of us (was with my manager and colleague) went to try their new Chinese menu - The Set Lunch.

Totally a huge changes of Party Play from fusion cuisine to mainly Chinese cuisine. 

I like their Singaporean Laksa which was not that spicy (except for the recent one that I couldn't finish, it was extremely spicy for us). Prawns was huge before. Hopefully they will maintain their quality as the first time we had our Laksa. :)

- Patrick's Signature -

I couldn't recall what was it called. In fact, I do not favour this dish personally, very weird taste of yellow noodle.

Besides what I've shown here, they do serve pork belly with rice and others as well, there are other ala cart menu for selection as well.

And the newly launched burger outlet in town.

- -

Three of us had lunch together at before it was officially launched.

As compared with my first visit to the second visit (last month), service was improved a bit more and same goes to their food presentation.

- Italian Job -

Personally, I like to eat burger once in a while. I had green tea bun (love it) for my selection, so the bun is green! (Don't ask me why it is green again and again!)

At, it will be self service, we order our meal and pay at the counter. Beef patty taste okay and overall, burger was nice. I do love their grilled tomato!

On my recent visit to KL, burger was awesome by My Burgerlab. Nomnom! Scrumptious juicy beef patty.

- Fries with Spices -

With additional RM7.00 (correct me if I made a mistake), we could have fries together with bottomless soft drink. I like fries, but if the fries is thicker, it would be perfect with those sprinkled spices! :)

That's all for today!

Location :
Lintas Plaza.

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  1. Never heard of Green Tea bun before! Guess this is my first time, haha. The yellow noodles thingy doesn't look promising, wetly soaked by gravy, should be clumpy and soggy :(

  2. Heyy Pretty

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  3. Looks good. I'd go & eat there if it didn't serve pork..hehe

  4. Green tea bun nice meh? What's that yellow thing? It looks like a tongue. LOL