Saturday, July 6, 2013

Reviewing Early Half of 2013...

This post will be way more personal... to remark those I have learned and those beautiful memories since the beginning of Year 2013.

Time flies with glimpse of eyes. Laughter and sorrow just passes by. And hey.... how about all of you, dearest?

And here goes the reviews of my 2013.


- 1) Bloggers Outing -

I wasn't a frequent outdoor tagging person with bloggers around town previously (well, except for the four favourite girls of mine la!). And recently, it was my first time having outdoor activity with the familiar faces in town.

Well, I must say a person will change because of yada yada that faced by them. And oh my... my skin tone is darker than before, thanks to Beverly that tagged me along for island trips. And yea.. 2013 is like my year for island, sleep over at the island, snorkel for the first time as well! More to come!!

- 2) KK Jazz Festival 2013 -

It's been a while since the last visit to KK Jazz Festival held sometime in June. I wanted to go and finally I made it together with friends and meatball-online on a Saturday! However, it was a bit sad that it was disappointing as it could be better than previous one I went. Not to say that it was totally disappointing this year, just it was a bit boring.


- 3) Indonesia Trip -

Unexpected trip to Indonesia during Chinese New Year. Learning a bit of other culture and non the less, getting closer with my family, especially my parents. You never knew what I have been through during that period of time. So what that smile happily on the face? Its only surface anyway.

- 4) Overnight at Manukan Island -

It was an unusual overnight trip with my sisters which it cost more than RM1,000.00 per night for staying overnight. Thanks to Tropical Holidays Paradise for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the luxurious trip. Very relaxing and silent night we been through.


- 5) Packages from Yves Rocher -

It was my first time to receive this beauty package for review. Thanks to my #Saturdate, Beverly who got this for me!!!! :D Gonna do a full review on this! Love the sweet smell of flora on the lip gloss and fragrance.

Hopefully more to come! :)

- 6) Being a Responsible Malaysian -

It was my first time to vote on the recent General Election.

And here goes more in depth with my personal matters... a little bit of why I'm emotionally unstable for the past few months, somehow or rather, the feeling still comes back.

7) Bond of Family

Ended my relationship with my ex sometime beginning of the year, in a very horrible way. In the past, relationship just like everything for me, especially being together for almost 12 years.

So, cut the craps. Things may not go the way you wanted to be. Just remember that 

"Sometimes God does not give you what you want, it is not because you do not deserve it, but for the better."
No matter what happen, your family are the one who always there for you. I never knew my family and many of my friends were worry about me, friends even look for me as I've been silently staying away from them, wouldn't want to meet them and don't want them to look for me as well. I felt so sorry and regret because of my action. I thought I could handle the feelings and things that happened by myself, but in fact, it really shed so much.

8) Picking Up with Amazing Things

In the past, I missed so many things in life, all the fun of being young and free. Is time to catch up. Somehow, this phrase have its point as well:

"A good relationship will bring us to see the world, instead of seeing partner as the world"

The true and healthy relationship could bring improvement to our life, to see the world and to learn from each other. It is something that I have learned lately, life wasn't about seeing your partner as the world, trust plays a big part as well. Balancing between subjective matters in life is the main philosophy.

There's so many things I have understood after that incident, things that I used to shut myself before. Perhaps, this is the meitzeu that's all about. It just my life and I'm still in the progress of learning from it.

Sweet and Simple life sounds good to me.

We never know where simple life could bring us to. Once I have been on a roller coaster, it's time to slow down myself.

Okay! That's all for the top items that I make remarks on this entry. Have a great day and good luck!



  1. lot of stuff for a half year

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  3. You are such an active blogger there! Your photos are always nice and cheerful ones.

    1. hehe :D Always love to make ppl happy! :D

  4. wow......travelled a lot. Next half year how? going to where?

  5. agree with Twilight, not like mine, always bring down feeling and picture not nice~ T.T

  6. I wanted to go manukan island one but then its tooo expensive :( And i think minimum 2 nights stay>< shooo beautiful!

  7. awesome! u really had the time of your life. ^^

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