Saturday, July 20, 2013

CLOSED - Its a BOMB! Bomber's Burger @ Gaya Street, K.K.

Have been heard Bomber's Burger for quite sometime and finally a few weeks ago, three of us (meatball-online, mum and me) went to Bomber's Burger for dinner. :) Luckily we were early to get our seats!

Its a classic American burger store concept attracts people to try out this burger restaurant, located at our oldest street in Kota Kinabalu, Gaya Street.

So, three of us had these!

- Bomber's Burger -

- Menu -

- One of the corner at Bomber's -

- Fish and Chips and Onion Rings -

- Ice Cream Float -

This is satisfying and just reminds me of my childhood!

- Burgers -

I had Route 66 @ RM14.00, medium beef. Beef patty was a bit dry, and overall still okay. Well, the portion is filling and I can't finish my burger.

- Route 66 -

A nice Classic American restaurant to dine in once in a while.

Facebook : Bomber's Buger


  1. The decor and ambiance of the restaurant is so trendy like the TGIF or Chilly's chains! Nice!

  2. dont bring me there if im in kk... i'm done with burger joint but i dont mind to have that ice cream float :P

  3. lol, a bomb burger, next time would be a nuclear burger! XD

  4. doesn't really remind me of the burgers here in the USA. Though it looks kinda like one from an classic diner.

  5. wow getting more and more food in Gaya Street! =D btw i tot is bomberman!

  6. Burger eateries are mushrooming everywhere!