Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Botanical Beauty Box from Yves Rocher France!

A review on Yves Rocher Botanical Beauty...

Flashed back myself sometime during my secondary studies, I did purchased facial products by Yves Rocher France before, well its been a while and last month, I received a box of Yves Rocher goodies with their latest hydra vegetal product  :)

- Botanical Beauty Box by Yves Rocher France -

- Beauty Box by Yves Rocher (YR) France -

All of the products did not have any negative reaction on my skin. Overall, I like the products by Yves Rocher, thank you YR Malaysia and also Beverly! My awesome girl!

Keep it short and simple, YR is all about botanical beauty, plants to be exact. I always love the fragrant of flowers.

- Yellow Peach Silky Lotion (50ml) @ RM10.00  and Sexy Pulp Volume Lip Gloss (10ml) @ RM55.00 - 

The aqua based Yellow Peach Silky Lotion is easily applied and the best part is it doesn't feel sticky at all! The smell of peach just remain for a period of time. Love how it smell, imagined myself like a peach. (lol) In addition, I bought myself a bottle of their shower gel (40ml @ RM26.00) (love to use various brands of shower gel and even my mom can't stand it), the price just reasonable and it smells great as well!

- Sexy Pulp Volume Lip Gloss -

As for Sexy Pulp Lip Gloss, it smells like caramel to me on my first trial. It is also known for its volumizing lip effect with their collagen extract. I love the natural colour of the lip gloss applied which I'm happy even dressed casually without any make up on except for my lip! *kiss*

- Rose Fraiche eau de toilette -

I always love the smell of roses. :) The smell doesn't made me chock but it does refresh my mind. One pump made a different.

- Hydra Vegetal 24H Intense Hydrating Gel Cream (15ml) and Cure Solutions Anti-Aggressions Flash Mask (15ml) @ RM35.00  -

The Hydra Vegetal 24H Intense Hydrating Gel Cream give us a feel of hydrated skin, aqua based texture that allow the gel easily absorb by our skin, it does smells like cucumber somehow. In fact, skin that is hydrated will made us look younger as well! 

The Cure Solutions Anti-Aggressions Flash Mask is not a peel off mask, leave it 5 minutes on our face and taa daaa, radiant skin can be seen in minutes! ;)

That's all for my review!

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  1. Awesome products... seems like there's a lot of beauty boxes lately oh :)

  2. Hey Hey!!!! This is my first time at your blog! Found the link at "de engineur" a while ago!!

    p/s: The Hydra vegetal seems good, wish to try it out someday :)

    Feel free to visit my blog please :) :)