Thursday, June 6, 2013

VLOG - 2 Days 1 Night at Manukan Island! Awesome!

A sponsored trip by Tropical Holidays Paradise.

And here's a video for the trip!

Do enjoy! :)

- VLOG -

A video that says about the trip, from food, accommodation and facilities. 

Trip was great with THP, we had a lot of rest by eating and sleeps! Finally a relaxing trip away from the city.

Here are some of the beautiful and interesting stuffs that we might expect from staying overnight at Manukan Island!

- Beautiful weather -

Out of expectation that it was my first time overnight at the island. The whole trip was relaxing (if your purpose is to relax). A very quiet place to chill with family and maybe a small group of friends.

 - At the Living Room -

Enjoyed the couch and the movie! It was RIO played by the way!

- Chalet for the night - 

Compacted with basic needs! And do bring some snacks or beverages in case you might need them as supper. For your information, there's no convenient store operating since evening. We thought we could find snacks later, and in the end we were once sitting at the couch... drinking..... sky juice (plain water).

So remember! Bring your snacks!!

 - Panoramic View from Manukan Island -

There's a spot for sunset view, however we need to walk for a distance to catch the sunset before dawn. Thought we could have a drink and enjoy the beach at their Bar but we were late and they were close. Anyway, our dinner was complete with Long Island Iced Tea. :)

- Our Dinner -

Local flavour of Malaysian cuisine. 

The beverage that I had with meatball-online made us a bit... drunk and we knock off early that night. 

And that's complete our night.

The early morning comes...

- Morning Walk - 

A short walk with meatball-online and I saw beautiful calm sea, beautiful sun rays and a special guest! The monitor lizard passing by. 

- Morning @ 7.45am -

Very calm right? There's very few people that will swim that early. 

- The Jetty - 

Very seldom that we could see such a quite island. AWESOME!

 - Breakfast -

Very simple breakfast that we had and certainly I love them! 

So, we went back, rest a bit, a short photography session with my sisters and off we went back K.K.!

 - Chillin at the Jetty - 

Thanks THP for being generous to sponsor us the short trip to the island. Love and enjoyed the time!

Location :
Manukan Island - One of the island of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.


  1. So you bumped into the giant monitor lizards? They were huge right? : )

  2. Ahhh Manukan Island! Definitely must visit one day (: Such beautiful place.

  3. hi Meitzeu,

    it's such a beautiful place. the only island around Sabah i've been at is Labuan. lol. i wanna go to all islands, and Manukan is on my 1st wishlist. such a great trip u had. ^^

    with love,

  4. Loves it! So beautiful...I enjoyed the video very much.

  5. The video is shaky but the island is beautiful.

  6. I've never stayed over on an island before, only had day trips.. Looks like a nice time! =)

  7. Believe it or not, until today i have yet to visit manukan.... went twice to island... sapi... lol