Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sanya (三亚), Hainan (海南), China (中国) : SHOPS at Their Local Production - The Bamboo, The Tea, The Foot Massage & The Knife

Hainan Part 3 -  竹一百 (Bamboo 100), 包足底按摩 (Foot Massage), 茶艺馆 (Art of Tea) and Knife, 三亚 (Sanya)

They always say tours at China normally bring visitors to purchase their local goods, well, it is TRUE FACTS!

Some of it are interesting and some of them, NOT. Here are three of the outlets which included in our itinerary while we were in Sanya.   

- 竹一百 (Bamboo 100) -

All about Bamboo! Panda loves Bamboo. 

They even create textile (cloths) with Bamboo and whatever they could figure off. Simply the goodness of Bamboo.

- Introducing their Product -

Every visitor need to sit down and listen to what they want to introduce. It's the most time consuming part and we dislike it.

- Fish Pond -

In case you are wondering, they are introducing the bamboo charcoal which they inserted in to the fish pond. Anyone, I just like the water fountain. ;)

Off we go!

- Random Snap -

Cool handmade art.

And so we stop by a tourist area for.... shopping again. And I did combined the visiting outlets of two days in to one entry. Bear with me of what I went through during that "awesome" trip. :/

- 国际俱乐部 (Entertainment Centre) -

- Local Delicacy -

My mom is a Hainanese, but she never said or even come across that Hainan is well known with their Salted Chicken Eggs. Mom did bought for us after we had our foot massage. And kid you not, the local over there were surprise when my mom could speak the same language as theirs and from the same province.

- Foot Massage -

The Chinese doctor introduced the goodness of Chinese herbal and foot massages. Convincing that foot massage is important for our health and my gosh, it was my first time being massaged. It was tickling. By the way, the herbal in packet was the product they are selling.

- 茶博士家 (Dr. Tea) -

The same building we went on the second day, the next shop to the foot massage outlet.

Tea are famous in China and so many to choose with. *Geleng Kepala*

I hate it when we choose one packet and the promoter goes introducing whatever teas to us, in the end. I didn't buy any. I hate it when promoters do that to me. Annoying.

- Time for Tea? -

Beautiful table set in that well organised tea outlet.

- That's TEA! -

- 茶道 The Art of Tea -

It is expected that we were once again insert in to a small room and been introduced various tea, but I enjoyed it a little bit more.

- Bought by Mom/ Meatball-online -

- All the Knife -

- All the Knife - 

Sigh... Another room to go in and we said, we do not buy any!!!!!

- Souvenir -

Claimed our souvenir while we were walking out.

That's all with what we need to expect while travel with tours in China, the tour guide mentioned that in China, all those local products outlet we went are being connected with their Government and they have to insert the places into our visiting and non the less, all the tourist spots as well, where we have to pay la!

That's all for the day! Good day!


  1. hahahaha... that art of tea looks like a baby frog (tadpole) or sperm... lol

  2. hopefuly i got a chance to go in future! >.<

  3. they purposely break the herbal pack to let out all the herbs?

  4. That is why I hate to follow tours! Always have to waste time to listen to those rubbish product talks.....