Saturday, June 22, 2013

CLOSED - Oh! So this is Newspaper Cafe, Bundusan, K.K.

Very quiet area, simple furnishing with some artistic painting around the wall.

Months ago, my manager went and try dishes by Newspaper Cafe while celebrating her hubby's birthday. Interesting name by the owner and food by them are okay as commented by my manager.

One fine night, we went there for a cup of drink.

- Newspaper Cafe - 

A fusion restaurant, creative menu that combine Western and Japanese food. 

- Mussels -

- The interior -

Very interesting graffiti, mixed with all kinds of heroes and creative imaginary characters. 

The mussels we had surprisingly we spotted a little crab in it. (@_@) Taste, it's okay. Nothing much I can comment about as not many we ordered, simply enjoy the quiet moment over there.

Facebook : Newspaper Cafe

Location :
Lot 31 Grand Industrial Center,
Phase 2, Mile 5,
Bundusan Road, Penampang,
89500 Kota Kinabalu.


  1. interesting theme... never seen any restaurants themed newspaper yet in penang, we do have post-office cafe (named post-cafe) LOL

  2. wow the mussels looks very big and delicious though ~ =D

    1. haha :D the taste of the cream above were quite special. :)

  3. I believe you might like their food if you ordered many dishes to try.

  4. I am impressed with the theme and that mussels I must say looks inviting.

  5. been there before. The food not that good but i agreed with the creativity of decorating the place

    1. YEA! I always love to see the environment! The feel!

  6. You should take a pic of the lil crab la hahaa.

    Hmm, never heard of this restaurant before. Maybe I'll singgah when I'm back in KK.

    Happy Wednesday, Meitzeu!

  7. it's a non halal restaurant? ohh too bad :( but i love the idea of using 'newspaper' & the interior. so cool ;)