Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sanya (三亚), Hainan (海南), China (中国) : DON'T "LOOK" BACK! 鹿回头景区 (LuHuiTou Scenic Area)

Hainan, China - Part 4 - 鹿回头景区 (LuHuiTou Scenic Area), 三亚 (Sanya)

It was blessed that we could admire Sanya from the highest spot at LuHuiTou.

Hop off from our tour bus and with buggy, we reached the following spots to enjoy the beautiful city.

- Part of Sanya -

The fishermen lifestyle and such a developed China in the eye of us. However, I still anti the uncivilised China citizen. Yucks! Reminded myself about how awful their hygiene were. Eww... 

- Tourism Map of LuHuiTou Scenic Area -

And so, we walk through 观海台 Sea-view Pavilion, 千年古榕 Ancient Banyan Tree, 观景平台 City View Pavilion, 鹿雕 Deer Sculpture, 鸽园 Pigeon Garden, 鹿苑 Deer Garden, 月下姻缘 Matchmaker, 爱字摩崖 "Love" Inscription, 夫妻树 Couple Tree, 仙鹿树 Fairy Deer Tree and 山碑 Love Monument. Those are the highlighted spot at Luhuitou, in fact we only able to visit few of it due to time constraint.

- Namely Mini Dubai -

Referred to the five building seen.

- Part of Sanya -

- 千年古榕 Ancient Banyan Tree -

- Another Part of Sanya -

- Directory -

- 月下姻缘 Matchmaker -

- Love Story at LuHuiTou -

- Aftermath of the Wave and Sea -

Global warming just made the place looks the way they are today. Unbelievable.

After visiting and had a little stretch on our feet, off we go and continued with our journey.

- Coconut @ RMB10 -

Macam la... Sabah can't find these. -_-"

Hmm.... Coconuts found at tropical cities like ours (Malaysia) are way cheaper than this. I couldn't recall whether I tried it or not, but even I did, I won't be the one who buy them. haha. :D

Entrance Fee to LuHuiTou :