Tuesday, June 11, 2013

KK : Day Trip to Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa, Pulau Gaya

- Our trip with VLOG -

Lucky us that we were invited to have a luxurious day trip to BRIRS on last Saturday.

Many familiar faces bloggers whom we knew each before and the trip such an enjoyable one with them and furthermore, services provided by BRIRS are good! Thank you! :)

- All those Happy Faces! Reunited! -

We departed from Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal at 10.30a.m. and arrived at BRIRS, approximately 30 minutes after (11.00a.m), their jetty looks perfect with all the over-water pavilions along the bridge. It is quite romantic that I think I enjoyed that place much. In fact, we may have the opportunity to dine at the pavilion but with early preparation in advance. ;) It was lovely and it's just breath taking scene every where around the resort.

- Over-water Pavilion -

- Upon Arrival at the Jetty -

- Crystal Clear Water with Corals and Marine Creatures -

- The Bridge at 10.45am -

Stunning view of the over-water pavilions. :)

- Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa -

A warm welcome by beautiful native ladies and explanation were made as well. :)

"As sensual and exotic as the hibiscus flower that bears its name, Bunga Raya Island Resort is a romantic and luxurious jewel set on a coral reef island off the coast of Borneo. A secluded island hideaway of 48 timbered villas, the resort is framed by white sand beach on one side and the centuries old virgin jungle on the other. Hillside private villas reflect the simplicity of the Borneo architectural style." - BRIRS

And here are what we did during the resort tour! Do enjoy!

- Resort Tour with Buggies -

- Infinity Pool - 

- One of the Villa -

- The Smallest Bunga Raya (Hibiscus) -

Just like the name of the resort, "Bunga Raya" - Hibiscus, The Malaysia National Flower, BRIRS is the resort that we can find all kinds of Hibiscus there, from the smallest one to the largest one, as large as our palm!

- Bamboo Massage at Solace Spa? - 

Solace Spa. Experiencing the treatment in private spa suites or pavilions. 

"The Jungle Spa is entwined in the boulders and jungles of BRIRS. Rejuvenate in the sauna and ice room or relax with stunning views of nature's bounty of Borneo."


- Private Villa with Private Pool - 

- One of The Villa -

  - Visit to the Koi Restaurant -

- Wine Cellar -

The Wine Cave. "Underground wine cellar with over, and growing, 3,500 bottles of wines with an intimate bar, private dining room and cigar bar patio."

 - Table for Two -

 - Wines and more selection -

- Koi Restaurant -

"A modern European Bistro with a contemporary flair with the largest wine selection in the region."

One of the best concept they offering, visitors could even try to prepare some of the local delicacies upon request.

- Beautiful calming view while having our meal -

 - Spotted two hornbills (middle) -

Finally! The best part of our trip will be next!

- Pantai Grill -

"Located very close to the water's edge, Pantai Grill is a laidback oceanfront dining outlet."

"It is available for lunch and is open until sunset. Couples interested in more private dining arrangements can choose to enjoy their food at one of several over-water pavilions located nearby, which create a romantic atmosphere that makes for a more intimate affairs" 

We were pampered so so much with scrumptious fresh meal! 

 - Mr. Tomas, General Manager together with Chef Lung -

Thanks to both of them for the luxurious trip for us. :) It was one of best trip I had in K.K.!

- Our table setting -

- Our Menu on Leaf - 

Love the concept!

- Freshly Baked Pizza with only 2/3 minutes! - 

The "oven" is designed by BRIRS and with the charcoals usage to bake the pizza, it just took them 2/3 minutes. I could feel the heat when I'm standing near.

 - Tiger Garoupa -

- Lamb Shank - 

Both of the dish above are two of various dishes they are included in their day trip package. 

Fresh fishes from their farm, it's just taste so good. :)

- Day Trip Menu -

- Swinging by the Beach - 

- Sun Bathing Visitors -

- It's play time! -

After we completed our resort tour and lunch, we went for snorkeling and kayaking. Well, unfortunately I was anxious while I was snorkeling half way... I'm not really good in swimming. From what I heard, some of the them went to see the clams! And it was beautiful!

So, sitting by the beach was great for me.

And our trip ended sometime at 3.00p.m. :)

- The Bridge at 3.30p.m -

Magnificent view.

- Spotted Mt. Kinabalu -

It's time to say good bye to BRIRS and thank you to all of them who pampered us well while we were there.

- All the media bloggers with Personnel from Bunga Raya *Photo Credit to Beverly* -

Left to Right - Beverly, Duo from local Magazine industry, Chloe, Charlotte, Meitzeu, Eric, Mr. Tomas (General Manager) Tom, Calista, Margaret, Cutebun, Nadia (P.A) and Diana.

Millions thanks to BRIRS for the amazing luxurious trip!

- Day Trip to BRIRS -

Well, kid you not! The price are totally worth for every Ringgit paid for such a beautiful beach/ resort and non the less, the food, especially dining beside the beach. Amazing view and what an excitement while we were there, and non the less the people whom we are going with plays a huge part as well.

In fact, I love to be there again for a short sweet escape sometimes. Everything just prefect there. 

For more pictures - Do check out my album!

Location :
Gaya Island.

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Miss Junei Voo (Resorts Sales Manager)
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