Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Updates : Few Things

Hi there! 

It's been a while since the last I updated about few things in one post. :P Because... there's not much to share besides new places and repeat cafes that I visited last month. 

And now! :)

Interesting last weekend that I managed to have fun with my sisters, staying overnight at Manukan Island, one of the island of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park sponsored by Tropical Holidays Paradise. :) Do check out for more photographs from my page (photos will be uploaded one by one.)!

- BBQ Lunch at Manukan Island -

- The Beautiful View from Manukan Island -

And finally I could wear my long dress that I bought since CNY! :)

More details about my trip will be updated soon. :) And I think I will be compiling short video for the trip there. 
(Youtube : meitzeu)

- General Election 2013 -

It was our first time voting and GE13 was the most competitive election ever in Malaysia.

- New Place -

So, trying out new places and cafes that I never been was my activities during weekend. :) Friends are just awesome when we need them! :) And I never knew that until I end up my relationship months ago. :) Life still goes on and thanks to my friends and family that gave me a lot of support during this period of time. I'm thankful and I'm blessed. :)

- The Glass -

Interesting city sightseeing restaurant located at Suria Sabah, one of the best place to chill and enjoy the city life here.

That's all for today, have a great weekend you all! :)


  1. i have been to Manukan Island! and i loved the clear blue sky! i went to Mataking Island too! lagi beauuuutiful le :D

  2. The water is so clear.....wonderful.. can rest kau kau.

    wah...your "manicure" so nicely painted one leh.....mine smeared

  3. wow, breath-taking scenery, love the color of the seawater