Friday, May 24, 2013

Sanya (三亚), Hainan (海南), China (中国) : South Sea Scenery 大东海旅游风景区 - Their Tropical Lifestyle

Hainan Part 2 - 大东海旅游风景区 (South Sea Scenery), 三亚 (Sanya)

Okay.. Firstly, the Hainan tour which we subscribed was for duration of four (4) days, three (3) nights. It wasn't complete nightmares but some parts really "sucks", the so called 4 signature dishes really made us disappointed so much, imagine more than 10 person sharing 2 small size of fish (-_-") and the best food I had was actually at the halfway PETROL STATION that we drop by for nature call (toilet). Awesome Hainanese Chicken Rice and Coffee, the happiest place our family enjoyed! 

p/s : Some may say their trip to Hainan were good, in fact, the tour we took up from Hong Kong that's matters the most (the problem).

Back to first tourist destination - Sanya!

- South Sea Scenery -

It seems like the lifestyle and weather in Sanya is the same as Malaysia, the tropical weather, the coconuts trees as well!

- Local Production/ Crafts -

Well, don't ask me why did you see women wearing tudungs, I was surprised as well when I see them.

They are selling clams necklaces, bracelets and other souvenirs that we can find in Malaysia as well. Neh... didn't buy any from them.

- At the Beach -

Packed with locals and tourists at the beach. They do have white sandy beach there.

By the way, weather at Sanya is WARM, you know it when you see the word TROPICAL, right?

- The Beach -

Still loving the beach we found in Sabah. :)

- The Beach -

- Self along the beach -

We visited South Sea Scenery for a while and had a short photography session and off we walk back to the tour bus.

Something interesting that we saw when we were on our way...

- Creative Signatures "Designer" -

We gave him our Chinese name and he designed for us. :) 

By the way, did you realise the wording behind him? It's Russian language, there's more and more tourists from Russia visiting China in later years. Even the Russian learn to speak fluent Chinese.

- The Signatures -

I keep them as remembrance, something worth to be keep from Sanya tour.

That's all for South Sea Scenery visiting!


  1. Nice I think they are lots of Muslim

  2. i heard there's a lot of muslim in Sanya compared to other places in Hainan, that's why u can easily saw them everywhere there :)

  3. Interesting post. They're indeed Muslims, that's why wearing tudung..

  4. Heard there are many muslim there.

    Would have love to browse at their crafts over there. I think i will end up buying a lot

    1. hehe :) You should come Sabah to buy them when you were here the other day!! :D

  5. I like the signatures! Very creative indeed.

  6. Woots very pretty signature and lots of crafts there :D love it!

  7. Replies
    1. Haha :D Malaysia do have beautiful beach too!

  8. The sand on the beach looks so white and clean