Wednesday, May 15, 2013

【中国游玩记】 海南岛之旅!Fun In China : Hainan Trip!

Hainan Part 1 - Random Stuff

So, after a few days exploring Hong Kong with the local relative, it's time to say goodbye to HK and meet HK in another few days time!

But WAIT A MINUTE! Did I mentioned to you that my Hainan trip was HORRIBLE! VEGETABLE!! My Gosh, the food was lousy, the local tourist guide which our HK travel agent provided us was giving us a headache, quite a bad service served and the last night in Hainan.. Don't mention, the older group of aunts and uncles of mine even quarel with the tourist guide for what she had done.

p/s : I won't mention which travel agent we subscribed with, thought the package we took was worthwhile and turn out to be one terrible trip. 

And now....

Here's what I did on that day and some random photos of Hainan.

- Tsing Ma Bridge 青马大桥 -

Heading to the airport! We were excited before and will be meeting our relatives as well.

- Hello Hainan - 

- Nai Yao Zu 奶油朱 -

Our light breakfast at the airport before departure. Taste quite okay.

- The Airport Scene -

And we went updating our Facebook while waiting for departure. :P

Off we go and we landed in Sanya (三亚), Hainan. The weather is similar to Malaysia, tropical weather over there as well. It wasn't a surprise that we could see many things alike at Hainan, the coconut trees, the sandy beach and etc.

In fact, I still love our Malaysian culture more (most of it). Just like what we often heard about China citizen, some of them are like barbarian, uncivilise people. My goodness, really open my eyes on them. (@_@)

- Welcome to Hainan! 海南岛 -

We hop on in to our tour bus and off we go to the next station, lunch. The lunch or whatever food we had during that trip, which inclusive in the package just dissatisfying and I won't talk about it. Somehow we felt like eating in a very uncomfortable environment with a lot of China locals sitting all over the place. Yaiks!  

- Random lifestyle -

- Random lifestyle -

- Random place - 

- Random snap - 

 - 美丽之冠 -

"Mei Li Zhi Guan" (Direct translation : Beauty Trophy). It was where the international pageant were held three times before. We even spotted Malaysia flag as well! 

- 美丽之冠 -

- That's random -

Although it is hot weather, but China citizen here just.... being themselves.

Oh well... next will be a place where we can find in Malaysia as well! 

So... Hello... Hainan! *Glurp*


  1. it looks like a really nice place to go!
    i've been to hongkong before too! and ya, the tour took us to all these temples and everything
    i've been to sabah too (your hometown) and i fall inlove with that place!
    i followed you!

  2. sorry for your bad trip, but it seems like a nice place to go. at least u had your experience there ;)

  3. nice!! i was in Hainan for a week to celebrate chinese new year with my immediate families there and of coz my eldest uncle who's a chinese from hainan..

  4. After my not-so-pleasant experience with all the mainland China people everywhere at Hong Kong, kinda pulling me back to go for trip to China. Most of them just.. being themselves or rather rude somehow. :(

  5. i heard its a very nice place there! hope to drop by there! :O

  6. I have been visiting so many places all over China and I bet you would faint if you have seen the food and toilets in Hebei, Anhui, Nanking and others. My friend told me that he loves Sanya!!! OMG!