Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Girls Talk at The GLASS Grill & Bar (Suria Sabah) & Korean BBQ Supul (City Mall), K.K.

Few weeks ago, one of my girl was a bitttt down heart of what happening to her, she dated me on Sunday to chill at one of the new restaurant in town.

- The GLASS Grill & Bar *Serve No Pork* -

Interesting concept of the restaurant which we could sit outside (under the Sun) and more over enjoying part of the scene of KK City.

I have been understood that the best time to sit out will be at 5.30pm onward, at least it won't be too hot or sweating while we are sitting out there.

As for us, we wanted to sit out but it was too warm, "Beh Ta Han" when it was 3.30 pm.

- What we had -

Light food and juice.
We had a long chat about what happening after years and years we didn't meet, and finally we managed to sit and CHAT. 

p/s : Although we didn't meet often, but we still friends and still good to each other. :)

- From the seat -

First of all, the GLASS concept of seeing through the view of K.K. City from those glasses.

- :) -

Some may say the food was average but as for what I would comment is, The GLASS is a nice place to chill. :) And another thing, the price totally fine!

So, we did hang out a bit, a short window shopping session and in the end, out of expectation, we actually hang out till 10.00 p.m. and I was exhausted. We went for dinner at City Mall. :)

- Appetizer -

It's tempting when there's spicy food! :)

We had our dinner and continue with another chatting session at Korean BBQ Supul at City Mall *Non Halal*. It's been a while since the last I hang out from day to night, NON STOP! My gosh!

You can't imagine my face of tiredness. haha :D And my girl friend still can talk talk talk. @_@

- Barbeque -

It was pork and it was GOOD! Very tasty Korean dinner we had!

That's all for my food review!

Location :
The GLASS Grill & Bar
7th Floor, Suria Sabah

 Supul Korean BBQ
 City Mall.


  1. That BBQ pork meat looks tempting

  2. good for you have there~ never been to KK before~ i means sabah and sarawak side~

  3. I haven't even been to these two places yet! D:

  4. Korean food! I start to love it. Healthy and tasty as well! :)