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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Girls Talk at The GLASS Grill & Bar (Suria Sabah) & Korean BBQ Supul (City Mall), K.K.

Few weeks ago, one of my girl was a bitttt down heart of what happening to her, she dated me on Sunday to chill at one of the new restaurant in town.

- The GLASS Grill & Bar *Serve No Pork* -

Interesting concept of the restaurant which we could sit outside (under the Sun) and more over enjoying part of the scene of KK City.

I have been understood that the best time to sit out will be at 5.30pm onward, at least it won't be too hot or sweating while we are sitting out there.

As for us, we wanted to sit out but it was too warm, "Beh Ta Han" when it was 3.30 pm.

- What we had -

Light food and juice.
We had a long chat about what happening after years and years we didn't meet, and finally we managed to sit and CHAT. 

p/s : Although we didn't meet often, but we still friends and still good to each other. :)

- From the seat -

First of all, the GLASS concept of seeing through the view of K.K. City from those glasses.

- :) -

Some may say the food was average but as for what I would comment is, The GLASS is a nice place to chill. :) And another thing, the price totally fine!

So, we did hang out a bit, a short window shopping session and in the end, out of expectation, we actually hang out till 10.00 p.m. and I was exhausted. We went for dinner at City Mall. :)

- Appetizer -

It's tempting when there's spicy food! :)

We had our dinner and continue with another chatting session at Korean BBQ Supul at City Mall *Non Halal*. It's been a while since the last I hang out from day to night, NON STOP! My gosh!

You can't imagine my face of tiredness. haha :D And my girl friend still can talk talk talk. @_@

- Barbeque -

It was pork and it was GOOD! Very tasty Korean dinner we had!

That's all for my food review!

Location :
The GLASS Grill & Bar
7th Floor, Suria Sabah

 Supul Korean BBQ
 City Mall.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Sanya (三亚), Hainan (海南), China (中国) : South Sea Scenery 大东海旅游风景区 - Their Tropical Lifestyle

Hainan Part 2 - 大东海旅游风景区 (South Sea Scenery), 三亚 (Sanya)

Okay.. Firstly, the Hainan tour which we subscribed was for duration of four (4) days, three (3) nights. It wasn't complete nightmares but some parts really "sucks", the so called 4 signature dishes really made us disappointed so much, imagine more than 10 person sharing 2 small size of fish (-_-") and the best food I had was actually at the halfway PETROL STATION that we drop by for nature call (toilet). Awesome Hainanese Chicken Rice and Coffee, the happiest place our family enjoyed! 

p/s : Some may say their trip to Hainan were good, in fact, the tour we took up from Hong Kong that's matters the most (the problem).

Back to first tourist destination - Sanya!

- South Sea Scenery -

It seems like the lifestyle and weather in Sanya is the same as Malaysia, the tropical weather, the coconuts trees as well!

- Local Production/ Crafts -

Well, don't ask me why did you see women wearing tudungs, I was surprised as well when I see them.

They are selling clams necklaces, bracelets and other souvenirs that we can find in Malaysia as well. Neh... didn't buy any from them.

- At the Beach -

Packed with locals and tourists at the beach. They do have white sandy beach there.

By the way, weather at Sanya is WARM, you know it when you see the word TROPICAL, right?

- The Beach -

Still loving the beach we found in Sabah. :)

- The Beach -

- Self along the beach -

We visited South Sea Scenery for a while and had a short photography session and off we walk back to the tour bus.

Something interesting that we saw when we were on our way...

- Creative Signatures "Designer" -

We gave him our Chinese name and he designed for us. :) 

By the way, did you realise the wording behind him? It's Russian language, there's more and more tourists from Russia visiting China in later years. Even the Russian learn to speak fluent Chinese.

- The Signatures -

I keep them as remembrance, something worth to be keep from Sanya tour.

That's all for South Sea Scenery visiting!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

【时尚生活】Fashion #OOTD : Yay Captain!!

Last weekend, just like the usual Saturday - hang out with Beverly again! And as she mentioned days before, she wanna take photos for #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) and I wanted to try as well. (hehe :P)

We went to fetch her mom at the airport and went for lunch at Aroma Bistro & Steak House located at 88 Marketplace, Kepayan. Lunch was good and sort of light with club sandwich and mushroom soup for sharing.

- Aroma Bistro & Steak House - 

- Mushroom Soup - 

Blended mushroom soup is one of my favourite, in fact, the contains in it are very high in calories as well. 

Anyway, if the soup served are hot enough, it will be perfect! :) And what about others that we had? Well, nice presentation, taste okay, price? More or less worthwhile for such a bistro.

After lunch, we went for a walk at shopping mall and we end up randomly took a few photos for #OOTD.


- #OOTD -

*Glasses - Uniqlo *Sailor Crop Top - K.K. *Bottom - Brands Outlet *Leopard Print Shoe - ASOS * Watch - Titus *Bracelet - Pandora and Tiffany & Co. *Gem Stone Pendant - from Pahang *Handbag - Louis Vuitton* Anklet Bracelet - from Mom*

- The Shoe -

- Wrist Candies -

- Test Shot -

- Credit to Beverly for the photos! -

It was such a coincidence that some accessories (her Sailor's Tote Bag) actually matched with my top! Moreover, we didn't mentioned before that. It's just the casual Saturday we had.

Remember to visit her at her blog! A very active person that I know in real life!! :)

- Test Shot Bah -

And so, that's our last weekend together. Cheers!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

【中国游玩记】 海南岛之旅!Fun In China : Hainan Trip!

Hainan Part 1 - Random Stuff

So, after a few days exploring Hong Kong with the local relative, it's time to say goodbye to HK and meet HK in another few days time!

But WAIT A MINUTE! Did I mentioned to you that my Hainan trip was HORRIBLE! VEGETABLE!! My Gosh, the food was lousy, the local tourist guide which our HK travel agent provided us was giving us a headache, quite a bad service served and the last night in Hainan.. Don't mention, the older group of aunts and uncles of mine even quarel with the tourist guide for what she had done.

p/s : I won't mention which travel agent we subscribed with, thought the package we took was worthwhile and turn out to be one terrible trip. 

And now....

Here's what I did on that day and some random photos of Hainan.

- Tsing Ma Bridge 青马大桥 -

Heading to the airport! We were excited before and will be meeting our relatives as well.

- Hello Hainan - 

- Nai Yao Zu 奶油朱 -

Our light breakfast at the airport before departure. Taste quite okay.

- The Airport Scene -

And we went updating our Facebook while waiting for departure. :P

Off we go and we landed in Sanya (三亚), Hainan. The weather is similar to Malaysia, tropical weather over there as well. It wasn't a surprise that we could see many things alike at Hainan, the coconut trees, the sandy beach and etc.

In fact, I still love our Malaysian culture more (most of it). Just like what we often heard about China citizen, some of them are like barbarian, uncivilise people. My goodness, really open my eyes on them. (@_@)

- Welcome to Hainan! 海南岛 -

We hop on in to our tour bus and off we go to the next station, lunch. The lunch or whatever food we had during that trip, which inclusive in the package just dissatisfying and I won't talk about it. Somehow we felt like eating in a very uncomfortable environment with a lot of China locals sitting all over the place. Yaiks!  

- Random lifestyle -

- Random lifestyle -

- Random place - 

- Random snap - 

 - 美丽之冠 -

"Mei Li Zhi Guan" (Direct translation : Beauty Trophy). It was where the international pageant were held three times before. We even spotted Malaysia flag as well! 

- 美丽之冠 -

- That's random -

Although it is hot weather, but China citizen here just.... being themselves.

Oh well... next will be a place where we can find in Malaysia as well! 

So... Hello... Hainan! *Glurp*

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Supper at Sailor's Cafe @ Penampang Bypass

It was unusual for me to have supper for quite sometimes. So, it happens that two of us visited Sailor's Cafe during one fine Saturday night.

I heard about the good dishes that Sailor's Cafe serves and finally I have the chance to hang out there. :)

- Sailor's Cafe -

Serving Asian fusion cuisine. I love the setting and the decorated cafe, it was a lovely place and a cozy one that suits for small gathering as well.

Non the less, the Chicken Salad that I had was delicious with the fine sauce mixture. 

- Chicken Salad -

Thought that the plate of salad would be a small one but turn out it was a huge plate that we couldn't finish them. 

We had potato wedges, fruit juice and Grilled Salmon Rice? ( I can't remember how they named it) All of them were fine anyway.

- A corner of Sailor's Cafe -

The place that prettily decorated. :) Nice concept Sailor's!

Facebook : Sailor's Cafe

Location :
Lot 36, 1st Floor, Plaza Grand Millennium,
Penampang Bypass, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Contact No. :
+6088 731960, + 6016 5862276 +6016 5858410

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Updates : Few Things

Hi there! 

It's been a while since the last I updated about few things in one post. :P Because... there's not much to share besides new places and repeat cafes that I visited last month. 

And now! :)

Interesting last weekend that I managed to have fun with my sisters, staying overnight at Manukan Island, one of the island of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park sponsored by Tropical Holidays Paradise. :) Do check out for more photographs from my page (photos will be uploaded one by one.)!

- BBQ Lunch at Manukan Island -

- The Beautiful View from Manukan Island -

And finally I could wear my long dress that I bought since CNY! :)

More details about my trip will be updated soon. :) And I think I will be compiling short video for the trip there. 
(Youtube : meitzeu)

- General Election 2013 -

It was our first time voting and GE13 was the most competitive election ever in Malaysia.

- New Place -

So, trying out new places and cafes that I never been was my activities during weekend. :) Friends are just awesome when we need them! :) And I never knew that until I end up my relationship months ago. :) Life still goes on and thanks to my friends and family that gave me a lot of support during this period of time. I'm thankful and I'm blessed. :)

- The Glass -

Interesting city sightseeing restaurant located at Suria Sabah, one of the best place to chill and enjoy the city life here.

That's all for today, have a great weekend you all! :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Awesome Sunburn Mamutik Island Trip!! (2 in 1) @Sabah

So, this post is about the two trips (one for part time job with THP sometime around January and another was a short vacation three weeks ago!) I did to Mamutik Island.

The recent trip to Mamutik Island was a bless, there's a feel of calm within myself that even the friendly Sun caught me sunburn and I'm still feeling awesome. Imagine, it was my first got myself sunburn and still can laugh out loud with the aftermath of uneven skin tone on my shoulder. :)

- ;) -

Oh Hi! That's Beverly, just like usual, we went to the island together with another two friends of ours. :)

Sad to say, we only hang out at the beach for three/ four hours. Beverly went for snorkeling, while myself? Faced to the sea, listened to the music from my ipod and.... FRISBEE!! Quite into that sport and it was fun!

- Welcome to Mamutik Island -

- Tables for guests to rest and dine -

During January, together with THP crew, we planned a team building program for one of the Company in Malaysia and those boxes and mats etc were for the team building activities. :)

- Jetty -

Clean beach and beautiful scene of calm sea.

- View from where we sit -

APPLIED SUNSCREEN! SUNGLASSES! MATS and YES! Enjoy the breeze. It was love. :) By the way, I wanted to thank to readers out there who gave me support (although all of you do not know what did I went through in the past few months.) Thank you! At least part of me are relief now. :)

- Snorkeling -

- Busy monkeys -

- Both of Us -

- Team Building with THP (Planner) -

The Company that assigned us to plan for the team buildings even felt satisfied with the bonding with colleagues of all levels and family. :) Somehow, there's little funny during the programs. :D

- Goggle for Games! -

One was for part time job and the other for vacation. Well, love seeing the beach again sometime around soon. :) And it's been a while since the last I felt relaxed. :)

That's all! Happy Weekend and my weekend should be awesome as well! :)