Monday, April 22, 2013

Lovely Weekend : Step in to Jesselton Art Market, #KKCity! There's Colours & Graffiti!

So, it's Saturday again and just like usual Saturday that both of us might be doing.

Beverly and I normally either hanging out together or accompanying our parents. That's what we, youngster (eh hem) shall do now a days. While last Saturday, there's an extra activity that we did while hanging out at the city centre.

It's such beautiful weather, until 3.00pm. It was raining cats and dogs.

- The Old Social Welfare Building -

Just like I had written before, the Graffiti Pillars that has been transformed from one of our K.K. heritage. Always love the concept to conserve the heritages that K.K. offers. Boo to you if you don't love your city or the heritages!

- Jesselton Art Market -

Happening once every month (Saturday and Sunday). Interesting event that art lovers might want to visit here. There's handmade stuffs which are colourful and creative, I do like the concept that the event managers did. Good effort and I hope there's more tenants coming in for the coming months.

One of the event manager is Beverly's friend and K.K. is such a small city that we might bumping in so many familiar faces! haha :D

- Smiley me at the Entrance of the Old Social Welfare Building -

- That's Beverly!! A blogger! A bff! -

From Take Another Step. Remember to visit her blog la!

- The Banner -

There's note on the banner that we will have an overview of the welfare building.

- Colours!! -

I love to see pieces of arts, and sometime we might catch an eye on such a deal pieces. :)

- Conserving the Heritage Corner -

I had pledged a small sum of money to the donation box and I hope you might too, if you happens to visit the Art Market. And such a coincidence that it was our historical Atkinson Clock Tower 108th Anniversary last Saturday!! 

We missed the ukelele birthday song and local musician performance. :( But it's okay, if I'm not mistaken, the performers will be there somehow or rather.

- Hey! -

So, he is one of my silent reader who bumped in and say Hi at the Art Market. :) Furthermore, not only readers, I met other bloggers as well. :D

By the way, saw the scroll hold by me? It's a gift from the vendors which I have pledged my donation. :) Information regarding the old social welfare building.

- We got henna-ed -

With RM10.00, we got ourselves henna-ed! Love how the vendor designed. :) A little bit of local tribes in heart ei... ;)

- Henna -

Oh hey... That's my arms. ;)

Jesselton Art Market, I think it will be a hit and good to know there's people making use of the local heritage here. :)

That's all for today. Have a great week ya'll!

Facebook Page : Jesselton Art Market


  1. I cant wait for the next one!! xD Need to get new Henna done!

  2. Wow! art is everywhere there!~

  3. Is it held weekly? Looks fun and nice ! might be a new tourist attraction if they have it permanently :D

  4. I actually like the paintings/graffiti on the building ruins.

  5. I adore creativity and I adore arts. Certainly there's plenty to support on the same in KK.

  6. What an interesting Art Market! I love to walk around such Art or Flea markets as they often sold interesting objects or antiques.

  7. Love the Henna designs, would love to get one too but I'm starting my new job soon. It would be a waste for it to come off too fast.