Friday, April 26, 2013

【香港美食记】 九龙之尖沙咀 - 北京楼 Food In Hong Kong : Tsim Tsa Tsui, Kowloon - Dinner at Peking Garden & HK Harbour View!

Hong Kong Part 10 - 北京楼 (Peking Garden) , 尖沙咀 (Tsim Tsa Tsui), 九龙 (Kowloon)

So, our HK relative treated us a nice well known Peking Cuisine for the night before we flew to Hainan, China on the next day (:P Finally going to post about China trip!)

And here we are, do enjoy what we had!

- Peking Garden (北京楼) -

" The renowned Peking Garden opened in 1978 and achieved international acclaim with its crisp Peking Duck dish. Boasting classic elegance, Peking Garden is a prime wedding venue for the betrothed. All of its three branches are conveniently located at traffic nexuses providing at once easy access and distinguished flair. "   - Maxim's Chinese Cuisine

- Appetizer -

Dishes served by them are quite authentic and all of them just taste marvelous! One of the recommended restaurant I must say. :)

- Fried Eel and Bun -

Eel is good for the blood circulation and while I had the combination of both eel and bun, it was good with he gravy!

- 富贵鸡 (Prosperous Chicken?) -

We heard about "Beggars Chicken" (乞丐鸡) before and we thought that was it. After being explained a bit, they named that as "Fu Guai Gai". WE NEED TO BREAK THAT, BEFORE WE CAN EAT!!

Something different for the first time. (It's for the table next to us)

- Ramen (拉面) -

I always love to eat Ramen and I still remember I like the one I had by Dragon-i, KL. Awww... Ramen 

We ordered take away for meatball-online, as she only arrived on the same day from K.K. due to work in hand. Tasted a bit and the flavour justttt fine. :) And that's my supper shared with meatball.

Once we finished our dinner and we slowly return back to our hotel.

- HK Harbour View from Harbour City -

The weather quite windy and mist covered HK. Oh well.... :/ Anyway, still looks lovely with all the lights. I miss HK quite a lot.

 - Harbour City (海港城)-

We went there for a walk at Harbour City after we returned back in HK, and it was awesome! Beautiful and happening shopping mall.

That's all for today. Happy Weekend!

Location :
3rd Floor, Sta House, Tsim Tsa Tshui

Contact No. :
+852 2735 8211  



  1. the HK view is so beautiful. someone gave me a postcard from HK with the picture of HK night view. its so beautiful ^^

  2. Prosperous Chicken was really interesting, all the while I ate begger's chicken, they already break it!~ First time see the chef break it in front of the customer.. Nice experience!~

  3. Never liked the eel but the way they present it here makes it interesting, I may have tried a bite.

  4. sigh.....dont know when i will be going there ...would love to taste the duck...wondering how much different from Msia's