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Friday, April 26, 2013

【香港美食记】 九龙之尖沙咀 - 北京楼 Food In Hong Kong : Tsim Tsa Tsui, Kowloon - Dinner at Peking Garden & HK Harbour View!

Hong Kong Part 10 - 北京楼 (Peking Garden) , 尖沙咀 (Tsim Tsa Tsui), 九龙 (Kowloon)

So, our HK relative treated us a nice well known Peking Cuisine for the night before we flew to Hainan, China on the next day (:P Finally going to post about China trip!)

And here we are, do enjoy what we had!

- Peking Garden (北京楼) -

" The renowned Peking Garden opened in 1978 and achieved international acclaim with its crisp Peking Duck dish. Boasting classic elegance, Peking Garden is a prime wedding venue for the betrothed. All of its three branches are conveniently located at traffic nexuses providing at once easy access and distinguished flair. "   - Maxim's Chinese Cuisine

- Appetizer -

Dishes served by them are quite authentic and all of them just taste marvelous! One of the recommended restaurant I must say. :)

- Fried Eel and Bun -

Eel is good for the blood circulation and while I had the combination of both eel and bun, it was good with he gravy!

- 富贵鸡 (Prosperous Chicken?) -

We heard about "Beggars Chicken" (乞丐鸡) before and we thought that was it. After being explained a bit, they named that as "Fu Guai Gai". WE NEED TO BREAK THAT, BEFORE WE CAN EAT!!

Something different for the first time. (It's for the table next to us)

- Ramen (拉面) -

I always love to eat Ramen and I still remember I like the one I had by Dragon-i, KL. Awww... Ramen 

We ordered take away for meatball-online, as she only arrived on the same day from K.K. due to work in hand. Tasted a bit and the flavour justttt fine. :) And that's my supper shared with meatball.

Once we finished our dinner and we slowly return back to our hotel.

- HK Harbour View from Harbour City -

The weather quite windy and mist covered HK. Oh well.... :/ Anyway, still looks lovely with all the lights. I miss HK quite a lot.

 - Harbour City (海港城)-

We went there for a walk at Harbour City after we returned back in HK, and it was awesome! Beautiful and happening shopping mall.

That's all for today. Happy Weekend!

Location :
3rd Floor, Sta House, Tsim Tsa Tshui

Contact No. :
+852 2735 8211  


Monday, April 22, 2013

Lovely Weekend : Step in to Jesselton Art Market, #KKCity! There's Colours & Graffiti!

So, it's Saturday again and just like usual Saturday that both of us might be doing.

Beverly and I normally either hanging out together or accompanying our parents. That's what we, youngster (eh hem) shall do now a days. While last Saturday, there's an extra activity that we did while hanging out at the city centre.

It's such beautiful weather, until 3.00pm. It was raining cats and dogs.

- The Old Social Welfare Building -

Just like I had written before, the Graffiti Pillars that has been transformed from one of our K.K. heritage. Always love the concept to conserve the heritages that K.K. offers. Boo to you if you don't love your city or the heritages!

- Jesselton Art Market -

Happening once every month (Saturday and Sunday). Interesting event that art lovers might want to visit here. There's handmade stuffs which are colourful and creative, I do like the concept that the event managers did. Good effort and I hope there's more tenants coming in for the coming months.

One of the event manager is Beverly's friend and K.K. is such a small city that we might bumping in so many familiar faces! haha :D

- Smiley me at the Entrance of the Old Social Welfare Building -

- That's Beverly!! A blogger! A bff! -

From Take Another Step. Remember to visit her blog la!

- The Banner -

There's note on the banner that we will have an overview of the welfare building.

- Colours!! -

I love to see pieces of arts, and sometime we might catch an eye on such a deal pieces. :)

- Conserving the Heritage Corner -

I had pledged a small sum of money to the donation box and I hope you might too, if you happens to visit the Art Market. And such a coincidence that it was our historical Atkinson Clock Tower 108th Anniversary last Saturday!! 

We missed the ukelele birthday song and local musician performance. :( But it's okay, if I'm not mistaken, the performers will be there somehow or rather.

- Hey! -

So, he is one of my silent reader who bumped in and say Hi at the Art Market. :) Furthermore, not only readers, I met other bloggers as well. :D

By the way, saw the scroll hold by me? It's a gift from the vendors which I have pledged my donation. :) Information regarding the old social welfare building.

- We got henna-ed -

With RM10.00, we got ourselves henna-ed! Love how the vendor designed. :) A little bit of local tribes in heart ei... ;)

- Henna -

Oh hey... That's my arms. ;)

Jesselton Art Market, I think it will be a hit and good to know there's people making use of the local heritage here. :)

That's all for today. Have a great week ya'll!

Facebook Page : Jesselton Art Market

Friday, April 19, 2013

Authentic Klang BKT @ Weng Fung (Klang) Bak Kut Teh (永蘴巴生肉骨茶), 88 Marketplace, K.K.


Once in a while, a bowl of hot Bak Kut Teh will be great during rainy day.

Visited Weng Fung few months ago after being introduced by an uncle of mine and back for another because of their soup!

- Weng Fung (Klang) Bak Kut Teh -

Originated from West Malaysia and it's been one of the favourite BKT for us to visit lately. And such a coincidence that my mom actually knew the owner, a long lost friend. :)

- Weng Fung (Klang) Bak Kut Teh -

View from behind of that restaurant.

- Rice for the Day -

Yam Rice! The yam well blended with the rice is the recommended one and it is not necessary served daily! So... be sure to check out when will there be Yam Rice available! :D Non the less, they do have garlic rice as well!

- Fish BKT -

The soup taste good, however we don't really favour much on this Fish BKT, yet the original BKT we favour most.

- Mixed Pork Bak Kut Teh -

The highlight of the night! We always heard about how good it is "Klang BKT" and yes, we do have it here... finally! 

I love the taste by the restaurant, however if you have tried the one at West Malaysia (which I did, but not under the same name), different restaurant prepares differently and of course, taste different too! Some may said the one I'm writing about today wasn't as good (as savoury) as the one in KL. I'm not sure about that, but I like the one I tried. Quite delicious with the broth they prepared. haha :D

- Dry BKT -

Something different to try and it was my first having that. Besides pork meat, it contains dried cuttlefish, winged bean and dried chili in dark soy sauce

I like the sweet savoury taste with hints of spiciness of this dish, however I still love the soup more!

That's all for today! Happy Saturday! It's my Happy Day! :)

Location :
Next to Sandakan Kopitiam

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Beautiful Day at Manukan Island! :) I SNORKELED for the First Time!

Hey~ It was one beautiful Saturday morning when we were heading to Manukan Island sometime around January.

Relative from Hong Kong was here and the young one would love to visit the beach and she said "AH! THIS IS SABAH MAH!" :D She love beach, love tan as well. :)

- At Sutera Harbour Jetty -

We depart from Sutera Harbour at 8am or 9am, it's been a while since the last visit to Manukan Island. Yea.. It was part of my trip to relax my mind after all things happened. :)

- Spotted Sea Urchins -

- Beautiful Sutera Harbour's Jetty -

Bye for now. :)


We arrived!

Manukan Island is one of the five combination of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (which consists of the islands of Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sulug and Pulau Mamutik).

- The Entrance Fees -

I think I won't talk much about Manukan Island, but here you are the pictures that I took at Manukan Island.

- The Jetty -

- The Chalets -


Although I love to travel around, but the most disappointing part is I don't really know how to swim. :(

Somehow I'm in luck that day, friendly life guards guided us while we went snorkeling.

A little bit of imagination here, I saw sea urchins, I touched sea cucumbers, star fishes. Aww~ It was amazing view down below. Those corals are beautiful!

Snorkeling for the first time gave me hiccups after one hour swim, there's part it was quite tiring when I need to paddle my foot for quite a long time and my foot was hurt for a week or so, all because I didn't do stretching before snorkeling. (haha :D) But anyway, no wonder people love to snorkel. :)

- Photo session -

There's my younger sister in the middle (Chloe), relative from HK and two of the life guards. :) They thought we were tourist and we were just lucky that they offered us their table to settle down.

- Types of Fishes -

- The Jetty -

- The beach -

Well, Sabah has it all, the magnificent view along the beach. :) Non the less, I still love Sapi Island more! :)

Planned for the next island trip, hope it will be great and looking forward. :) Sabahan just blessed to have such beautiful gems here. :)

That's all for this entry!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Chillin with the Sunset at The Breeze Lounge & Grill, Sutera Harbour Resort, K.K.

Two months ago, my relatives from oversea were here for a short trip. And somehow, we went for a short chill out session at The Breeze Lounge and Grill after a long walk along the beach!

Such a relaxing environment to sit in and enjoyed the Sunset view over there, not too crowded, just perfect for a laid back holiday.

Without explain much, here are the photos that I took that weekend. :)

- The Breeze Lounge & Grill -

- The Menu -

Non the less, if you are a member of Sutera Harbour Resort, the price will be much cheaper!

- Pitch of Beverage -

Non alcoholic bah!

- Coffee! -

- It's juice, not beer! -

- Spectacular view -

I went there for a few snap of photos and I can't find them. :/ Not sure where did I safe tho. 

And as a reminder, don't ever sit before you check the seat, my pants were wet when I sit in the middle of that relaxing sofa.

Kota Kinabalu just have magnificent sunset view, especially enjoying it with the one you love most. Awww~ I love K.K.!!

Location :
Sutera Harbour Resort

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Short updates : Few Things

So, i bought Pandora last month, to remember the best memory in this journey of life. And read through their charms booklet and eyed on few, gonna save up and buy them when time passes by. ;)

Finally my Sunflower bloomed. A new journey of life begins. Thanks to my family and friends who supported me, advises me to pass these difficult time. You know who you are, love.

A steamboat feast at home at our backyard during dinner and it was fabulous!!!

Went to clean the graveyard last week while it is Qing Ming 清明.

That's all for today.