Sunday, March 17, 2013

Updates : Few Things

Hey~ Here's a few things to share with about this month.

So, it was my friend's wedding yesterday and few of us got our invitation as her sister, so sisters will have what they gonna have. ;)

- Wrist Flower! -

I like wrist flowers on wedding day.

For few days straight I ( and a few of the sisters) used quite a lot of energy and it was mad tiring yesterday.

Morning and mid afternoon : Wedding reception at both bride and groom place.

Afternoon : Trimmed, Washed and blown my hair.

Night : Wedding Banquet!

Gosh! What a packed day and even the hair stylish knew I was freaking tired and closed my eye for he was doing his job. -____-

- Challenge for Groom -

This is nuts. "Sweet Sour Bitter Spicy 甜酸苦辣" as one of the challenge for the groom and his brothers.

Just like the culture for the younger generation now a days, just to make fun of the groom and some how, the video shot will be complied and entertain the guests during the night. Oh well...

- Sunflower plant -

Finally, my Sunflower plant grown older and saw the little round object (not leaves) that going to turn in to beautiful Sunflower, maybe sometime around next month! Aww~ I'm excited!

- Starbucks : Asian Dolce Latte -

Me and Beverly a.k.a. Saturday lover, got a date together last week and we tried the new beverage by Starbucks. Gosh! The espresso. I think both of us were quite tired and we did hang out a bit with my parent and meatball-online for a while after our coffee session. ;)

By the way, this sweet friend of mine gave me WONDERBOX, and the gift was awesome!! I love the box and the beauty products inside! It surprised me so so much while I was working one day. Couldn't agree more that Beverly is a treasure that I found and she was the first blogger I met personally since years ago! Love her to bits! xoxo

- WonderBox - 

Doesn't it look AWESOME!?

- Book -

Gonna start reading this. Interesting title for the younger generation. :)

That's all for the day. See ya ~


  1. wow hopefully you will see the sunflower soon..

  2. congratz to ur friend.... my gf also got the wonderbox :)

  3. love the wrist flower idea! congrats to your friend.

  4. oh wow...congratulations to your friend

  5. Aww..Stahp it you!! Making me blush! Hahah! Glad you love the Wonderbox surprise and also me.. xD
    Love you to bits too! Let's hang out again on Saturday!

    oh btw, Gratz to your friend! =)


  6. The challenge for groom is meaningful!~