Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hong Kong - Mong Kok, Kowloon - Tong Pak Fu Desserts【香港美食记】 九龙之旺角 - 糖百府

Hong Kong Part 9 - 糖百府 (Tong Pak Fu), 黑布街 (Hak Po Street), 旺角 (Mong Kok), 九龙 (Kowloon) 

We often heard about 杨枝甘露 "Yong Ji Gam Lo" is a very tempting dessert and is a must try in Hong Kong. Fortunately, our HK trip was fruitful and amazing with saliva drooling local delicacies that our relatives brought us along to those recommended restaurants/ cafe. 

And now, continue with our story of Mong Kok's entry... After a long walk from one place to Flagship (Hak Po Street), finally we arrived at the main outlet of 糖百府 (Tong Pak Fu) which located at Flagship.

- 糖百府 (Tong Pak Fu) (TPF) -

We arrived during off peak hour and finally chairs for us to sit! :D

FYI, I did some research in the internet and found out that it is related to Tong Pak Fu in West Malaysia. Guess, it's another chained franchise store that reached outside their city. (Yea, I remember about the chaos that happened sometime around last year with)

- Adverts at the front door -

Settled down and ordered whatever we want to try! All of them just look so GOOD. 

- 咖啡秋香 @ HKD 38 -

Heavy coffee flavour that caught our attention and my goodness, it was such a huge bowl of icey dessert for all of us.

- 红豆水晶西米露 @HKD 28 -

Red Bean with Jelly and Sago.

- 牛奶秋香 @HKD35 -

The original milk flavour.

- 杨枝甘露 "Yong Ji Gam Lo" @ HKD 28 -

Mango and Pamelo Sweet Soup with Sago. Finally YJGL, it was so good, sweet and smells refreshing. :)

- The weather VS Snow Ice -

Surprisingly the ice did not melt fast, in fact the weather was perfectly cold and we had quite a long talk while enjoying our desserts.

- Signature of 糖百府 (Tong Pak Fu) -

- Menu -

Thumbs up for TPF of Flagship (Hak Po Street)!

And so we proceeded to the next station.

- Random Photo -

A scene that caught my attention, the red signboard that represent prosperity to the newly open outlet! I did ask my mom whether K.K. have such before and she said yes. The red huge signboards were once applied during the old days when the Chinese came to Sabah, but when time goes by, this tradition had slowly faded away. Oh well...

See you in next entry la! ;)

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Flagship (黑布街 Hak Po Street)


  1. I remember the amount of people at the tpf in kl when it first opened...scary. Nice post btw,

  2. That is a dish I have never seen before. Looks different.


  3. I didn't managed to try the one in HK cause my bf and I always felt full after breakfast and lunch with bf's family. But I did tried the one in KLCC and indeed, it was quite refreshing and nice, especially the durian one. Can try the other of HK desserts too such as Hui Lau Shan and Dessert Honeymoon =D