Saturday, March 2, 2013

That's One Good Coffee by Kopi Ping Cafe, Damai, K.K.

*Invited Food Review*

Just like their registered brand name, I normally visit Kopi Ping for their Kopi (Coffee) only. =D

- Kopi Ping Cafe *SERVE NO PORK* -

So, 5 of us were invited for food review at Kopi Ping Cafe (KPC). Surprisingly their food was quite good for a cafe they are operating, no wonder my ex school mates love to hang out there until late night. Moreover, the price of the menu are reasonable too!

- Kopi Ping @ RM2.50 and Teh C Special @ RM3.50 *recommended* -

The house coffee that are locally made in a bottle by KPC, unexpectedly very creamy wit coffeelicious flavour.

As for the Teh C Special, the beverage taste good! Love the taste of this creamy Teh C that wasn't sweet with the additional of grass jelly in it. *thumbs up!*

- Teh C Special with Grass Jelly in it -

- Leaf Noodle @ RM2.00 -

Noodle wrapped with green leaf, which they bought from village, outskirt from the city. Referred Dean, the leaf is named "Bini Tua", weird name for me. :/ Leaf noodle served like economic noodle here, something special for a try, however, I prefer my noodle to be served HOT/ WARM and what best to see the noodle on top of that huge piece of green leaf with additional of side dish like tauhu or chicken wing!! ;)

- Fish Sauce Mee Hoon Seafood (鱼露米粉) *recommended* -

Beverly said she love and frequently ordered Fish Sauce Mee Hoon Seafood by KPC. The ingredients they added in were fresh and I'm liking this dish as well.

- Tauhu (Beancurd) @ RM1.50 each -

RM1.50 each was reasonable and luckily their portion of fish meat on the tauhu was okay, unlike some of the seller out there, we only could see a thin layer of meat on their tauhu.

- KP Roasted Wings (2 pcs) @ RM4.40 *recommended* -

I was wondering why was KPC chicken wing taste familiar, after thought for a while, it taste similar with the chicken wing by Pizza Hut! No wonder it taste good. :)

- BBQ Chicken Rice @ RM8.50 -

Huge portion of chicken chop, tender chicken meat that could fill up a hungry tummy!

- Seafood Tom Yum -

Love the taste of their soup when it served HOT! Yummy! I love spicy!

- Beef Noodle (干炒牛河) @ RM8.00 *recommended* -

Unexpectedly, their beef noodle tasted REAL AWESOME! Love how the texture of the beef which were soft and tender while chewing it. Anyone who love to eat beef noodle should go and try KPC version!

- Part of Our Food! -

Gosh, we were so full with all the food they treated us that day. :) Thank you!

- Waffle Ice Cream @ RM4.00 and Red Bean Milk @ RM3.00 *recommended* -

The desserts we had which all of us (girls) LOVE - Waffles! It's was so exciting when we had our waffle.

As for the red bean milk, personally I don't favour red beans BUT as for this one, I tried a few sip and I'M LIKING IT! The red bean doesn't cover the milk flavour and I would like to order a cup if I could! Seriously, I don't like red bean and this one, I couldn't resist. Make sure it served cold then!

- The Canon VS Nikon -

Our tools for reviews! And sad to say that my camera is having some problem. :( I guess I need to send G12 for service. Sigh.. 

- Personnel - 

Dean, Connie and Angel, the friendly personnel who run the place and were there while we were doing our reviews, thank you for inviting us! :) It's a pleasure to taste all the best dishes/ beverages at KPC.

- The Menu -

For your information, KPC is in the progress of applying franchise licensing, maybe any one of you might be interested to run a business with local products under the brand name. :)

- Invited Bloggers and Managers -

Left to Right: Beverly from Take Another Step, Margaret from Voice Within Me, Connie, the Partner, Myself, Chloe (my sister) from Angel be with You, Charlotte F. and Dean, the Manager.

It's been a while since the last we had food review together, well, unbelievable bloggers I met turned out to be great friends! So, should I say "Yum Kopi with your friends @ Kopi Ping Cafe"? Come Come!

*Serve No Pork*

Location :
Damai Plaza (Contact No. 088-231877); and
Warisan Square (Contact No. 088-447956)

Operation Time :
Daily from 9.00 am to 12.00 am.

Facebook : Kopi Ping Cafe


  1. RM2 look like a nice deal for me~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  2. Wah sure will go there someday. What time they're operating?

  3. yum! the noodle served on leaf looks yummy!

  4. Pretty cool...looks like a great family cafe. Grass jelly is like the popular choice for any breverages nowadays. But whatever it is, it has got to be creamy beverages ya? Imagine coke with cincau..

  5. foods there looks good.

    P/s: hope you are safe there

    1. :D Thank you small kucing.

      I'm in KK, and KK is safe for the time being. <3

  6. Im craving for Kopi Ping and Red Bean Milk sudah boss! hahaha!

  7. The leaf does look like daun jambu laut that the folks in East Coast Malaysia use to wrap and serve food.

    1. Hmm :/ I guess different place it differently.

  8. I really like the noodle on the leaf...great blog.

  9. haha so many cameras with one waffle :P i think i would love to order some Yin Yang for the coffee choice

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