Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chillin at Handmade Story Cafe, Damai, K.K.

*This cafe has been closed down*
They operated for a while, sometime around last year and closed down this year? I didn't know about it until a kind blogger drop me a comment, and BOO me for this late pending post. -_____-

During one fine Saturday, just like usual I hanged out with Beverly for the afternoon, just like what we do best and make use of our Saturday with food and beauty. :P

Since we never visit Handmade Story before, why not give a shot over there. Well, we didn't had expensive food, but what we had were as follow :


 - Handmade Story -

Very interesting hand drawn menu which every unit has their own uniqueness.

- Finger Food -

Sliced French loaf with banana and Peanuts Butter, an extraordinary piece that I tried for the first time. Both of us liking it. I can't recall how much it was, but believe me, it is cheap!

As for the drinks, I had green tea only.

- Hand drawn black board -

Do you still remember how we were like during primary school period or even kindergarten time? I remember mind, I used to be naughty and like to draw on the blackboard. Well, school now a days, didn't really use blackboard anymore, but hand drawn board with beautiful words and sketches are the "IN" trend today! :)

For your information, one of the partner brought back items that she bought from oversea and put up for sell. Check it out if you love DIY.

We do enjoy their concept and love their designs.

- Wishing Tree -

I wrote on a "leaf" and left it on the tree branch. What I wrote is for you to find out. :P

I love concept style alike restaurants/ cafes, it's a trend that influence by other countries, perhaps more to come and non the less, the good food that we are searching for!

In fact, it was just chillin out session with Beverly, nothing to review much about, but a cup of tea, why not? :)

Location :
Damai Point

Website :
Handmade Story Cafe


  1. So cute! I love the finger sammy<3


  2. Wow, such a nice place. I love the design of cafe.
    Will try to go there when in KK.

  3. They are no longer in operation. :(

  4. the owner must have been very talented in design. Love the design of the menu and the place too

  5. I love how they create the wishing tree. It is a beauty.


  6. Love the quaint design of the place. Such a waste that its closed:(