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Saturday, March 30, 2013

【香港游玩记】 九龙之尖沙咀 - 趴趴走 Fun In Hong Kong : Tsim Tsa Tshui, Kowloon - Sight Seeing

Hong Kong Part 10 - 尖沙咀 (Tsim Tsa Tsui), 九龙 (Kowloon)

After our dessert at 糖百府 (Tong Pak Fu), Mong Kok, we proceed to Tsim Tsa Tshui!

And here are the photos that I took at Tsim Tsa Tshui district! :)

- The sign board at the Station -

The next place that we will be heading to.

- The well known Tsim Tsa Tshui -

There we are!

- Classy shopping mall -

The shopping malls are amazing at Hong Kong! :) We went in for a walk and toilet rest time. hehe :P

- Hong Kong must visit pharmacy (龙城大药店)"Lung Shing Dispensary" -

No wonder my friend told me that we must visit here and after looking around a few street, it is located opposite from the shop that we dropped by for shopping.

The crowd just made me jaw dropped, mom did bought some cosmetic there as well. Price just discounted for all!

- Yum Cha Session -

There's always tea session after the walk. We visited Yuan Kee Restaurant (源记餐厅) to stretch those muscle.

- ChungKing Mansions -

They said we could find cheap overnight rate at this area and it is also known as not the safest place to be at. When I passed by, the place just creeps me off. The place just crowded with Indians and African, which... some of the just wanna make fun of the ladies that walk alone. -__- Very crowded place for sure!

And we continued our way to the Chinese Restaurant that our relatives going to bring us. <3 br="">

- Simply Hong Kong -

I don't know why, but I just love the mixture of modern and traditional Hong Kong!

I love street photography too, but my camera gonna be breakdown soon. How sad. :(

- Science at Hong Kong -

- It's rainy Hong Kong -

The wind was blowing and it was freezing cold! We did waited for the rain to stop at shaded building when i took this. :)

- The most expensive hotel in Hong Kong (The Peninsula) -

Very classy and grand hotel! Beautiful architecture.

- A corner that we passed by -

- The Station -

That's all for snap shots in Tsim Tsa Tshui . :)

Happy weekend and wish all of you are great!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

【沙巴美食】 亚庇 : 烤猪 Food in Kota Kinabalu : Crispy Roasted Pork by Mr. Ho's Fine Foods, KK Times Square

So, it was my first time visiting to Mr. Ho's Fine Foods two months ago. It was during a birthday dinner of one of meatball-online's best friend.

I heard about the good comment of their crispy pork 烧肉 that is one of their signature dish. In fact, I tried the crispy pork and it was good for the meat part, in the other hand, the oily part, my goodness, it was freaky (for me), I prefer balanced level of consumption. ;P

And now, do enjoy what we had there!


- Mr. Ho's Fine Foods -

Originated from Kuala Lumpur and currently extend their business to East Malaysia.

- Mr. Ho's Fine Foods -

Very cozy restaurant for alcoholic drinks and meal.

- The Menu -

- First Floor of The restaurant -

- Oxtail Soup -

- Fettuccine -

- Farfalle Pasta -

Chopped tomatoes,  herbs, seafood and cheese. 

I had this dish and the flavour of tomatoes were covered the whole pasta which I don't favour much.

- Roasted Pork -

The highlight of Mr. Ho's Fine Foods!

Tender pork meat with sauce!

- Complementary by the owner to my Sister's friend -

Overall, dishes served by Mr. Ho's Fine Foods are fine. In fact, they added a generous amount of ingredients that made the whole dish seem flavour-ish. Furthermore, some of the dishes might be too oily for some of us. And yet, there's guests who commented both tasty and not. Anyway, thumbs up for the Roasted Pork!

Location :
L-72-G, Ground Floor Block L,
KK Times Square Phase 1,
Coastal Highway,
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Contact No. : 088-222623

Taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Sharing : Addicted to Online Shopping? ;)

*Non Advert*
I never knew that online shopping could be this.... FUN! :D 

I only started online shopping say sometime around last year and people who influenced me?? Meatball-Online and Beverly!!! hehe..

Well, of course we need to make sure the online seller is genuine before paying them. And for once I've been cheated before, an amount of RM109.00 for a dress. -_- (screw that online seller) and once I bought lousy quality goods as well. *learned from mistake*

And now.... Gonna show you the latest goods I received this afternoon! 

- Burberry from Reebonz -

The delivered on Monday, 18th March and reached here yesterday!

Lovely service by them and here's the link! Reebonz

- Burberry -

So, my current wallet is with me for the past 5 years since studying in UK back then and it's time to change a new one. :P So, this is the perfect I found from Reebonz! :) By the way, I bought it with 6 months installments after some discount given. Totally excited with it!

Furthermore, besides what I have ordered, they even surprised me with the SCARF by them!! Pretty! <3>

- Apple Product : Ipod Shuffle -

I have been eyeing this little ":music box" for a while and finally, after some issue happened, yea~ I bought it and it has been engraved! :) Love it!

I couldn't help myself but when I opened all those boxes, I seems like a baby happily tearing those packaging! The happiest moment that I wanted to share! haha :D

- Cotton On -

Few months ago, Beverly asked me to see whether anythings suits me from Cotton On online store, just to make up the quota, and I did bought a few with very affordable prices. Very good!

So, online shopping eliminated the traveling fees and effort to go out for a walk at shopping malls/ outside. It is quite cool and somehow it makes us shop even more. -___- Well, luckily I still can control this addictive finger clicks websites and just browsing through without buying. *Must behave!*

That's all for today's sharing and hope you enjoy it. See ya!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Updates : Few Things

Hey~ Here's a few things to share with about this month.

So, it was my friend's wedding yesterday and few of us got our invitation as her sister, so sisters will have what they gonna have. ;)

- Wrist Flower! -

I like wrist flowers on wedding day.

For few days straight I ( and a few of the sisters) used quite a lot of energy and it was mad tiring yesterday.

Morning and mid afternoon : Wedding reception at both bride and groom place.

Afternoon : Trimmed, Washed and blown my hair.

Night : Wedding Banquet!

Gosh! What a packed day and even the hair stylish knew I was freaking tired and closed my eye for he was doing his job. -____-

- Challenge for Groom -

This is nuts. "Sweet Sour Bitter Spicy 甜酸苦辣" as one of the challenge for the groom and his brothers.

Just like the culture for the younger generation now a days, just to make fun of the groom and some how, the video shot will be complied and entertain the guests during the night. Oh well...

- Sunflower plant -

Finally, my Sunflower plant grown older and saw the little round object (not leaves) that going to turn in to beautiful Sunflower, maybe sometime around next month! Aww~ I'm excited!

- Starbucks : Asian Dolce Latte -

Me and Beverly a.k.a. Saturday lover, got a date together last week and we tried the new beverage by Starbucks. Gosh! The espresso. I think both of us were quite tired and we did hang out a bit with my parent and meatball-online for a while after our coffee session. ;)

By the way, this sweet friend of mine gave me WONDERBOX, and the gift was awesome!! I love the box and the beauty products inside! It surprised me so so much while I was working one day. Couldn't agree more that Beverly is a treasure that I found and she was the first blogger I met personally since years ago! Love her to bits! xoxo

- WonderBox - 

Doesn't it look AWESOME!?

- Book -

Gonna start reading this. Interesting title for the younger generation. :)

That's all for the day. See ya ~

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chillin at Handmade Story Cafe, Damai, K.K.

*This cafe has been closed down*
They operated for a while, sometime around last year and closed down this year? I didn't know about it until a kind blogger drop me a comment, and BOO me for this late pending post. -_____-

During one fine Saturday, just like usual I hanged out with Beverly for the afternoon, just like what we do best and make use of our Saturday with food and beauty. :P

Since we never visit Handmade Story before, why not give a shot over there. Well, we didn't had expensive food, but what we had were as follow :


 - Handmade Story -

Very interesting hand drawn menu which every unit has their own uniqueness.

- Finger Food -

Sliced French loaf with banana and Peanuts Butter, an extraordinary piece that I tried for the first time. Both of us liking it. I can't recall how much it was, but believe me, it is cheap!

As for the drinks, I had green tea only.

- Hand drawn black board -

Do you still remember how we were like during primary school period or even kindergarten time? I remember mind, I used to be naughty and like to draw on the blackboard. Well, school now a days, didn't really use blackboard anymore, but hand drawn board with beautiful words and sketches are the "IN" trend today! :)

For your information, one of the partner brought back items that she bought from oversea and put up for sell. Check it out if you love DIY.

We do enjoy their concept and love their designs.

- Wishing Tree -

I wrote on a "leaf" and left it on the tree branch. What I wrote is for you to find out. :P

I love concept style alike restaurants/ cafes, it's a trend that influence by other countries, perhaps more to come and non the less, the good food that we are searching for!

In fact, it was just chillin out session with Beverly, nothing to review much about, but a cup of tea, why not? :)

Location :
Damai Point

Website :
Handmade Story Cafe

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hong Kong - Mong Kok, Kowloon - Tong Pak Fu Desserts【香港美食记】 九龙之旺角 - 糖百府

Hong Kong Part 9 - 糖百府 (Tong Pak Fu), 黑布街 (Hak Po Street), 旺角 (Mong Kok), 九龙 (Kowloon) 

We often heard about 杨枝甘露 "Yong Ji Gam Lo" is a very tempting dessert and is a must try in Hong Kong. Fortunately, our HK trip was fruitful and amazing with saliva drooling local delicacies that our relatives brought us along to those recommended restaurants/ cafe. 

And now, continue with our story of Mong Kok's entry... After a long walk from one place to Flagship (Hak Po Street), finally we arrived at the main outlet of 糖百府 (Tong Pak Fu) which located at Flagship.

- 糖百府 (Tong Pak Fu) (TPF) -

We arrived during off peak hour and finally chairs for us to sit! :D

FYI, I did some research in the internet and found out that it is related to Tong Pak Fu in West Malaysia. Guess, it's another chained franchise store that reached outside their city. (Yea, I remember about the chaos that happened sometime around last year with)

- Adverts at the front door -

Settled down and ordered whatever we want to try! All of them just look so GOOD. 

- 咖啡秋香 @ HKD 38 -

Heavy coffee flavour that caught our attention and my goodness, it was such a huge bowl of icey dessert for all of us.

- 红豆水晶西米露 @HKD 28 -

Red Bean with Jelly and Sago.

- 牛奶秋香 @HKD35 -

The original milk flavour.

- 杨枝甘露 "Yong Ji Gam Lo" @ HKD 28 -

Mango and Pamelo Sweet Soup with Sago. Finally YJGL, it was so good, sweet and smells refreshing. :)

- The weather VS Snow Ice -

Surprisingly the ice did not melt fast, in fact the weather was perfectly cold and we had quite a long talk while enjoying our desserts.

- Signature of 糖百府 (Tong Pak Fu) -

- Menu -

Thumbs up for TPF of Flagship (Hak Po Street)!

And so we proceeded to the next station.

- Random Photo -

A scene that caught my attention, the red signboard that represent prosperity to the newly open outlet! I did ask my mom whether K.K. have such before and she said yes. The red huge signboards were once applied during the old days when the Chinese came to Sabah, but when time goes by, this tradition had slowly faded away. Oh well...

See you in next entry la! ;)

Website :

Location :
Flagship (黑布街 Hak Po Street)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

That's One Good Coffee by Kopi Ping Cafe, Damai, K.K.

*Invited Food Review*

Just like their registered brand name, I normally visit Kopi Ping for their Kopi (Coffee) only. =D

- Kopi Ping Cafe *SERVE NO PORK* -

So, 5 of us were invited for food review at Kopi Ping Cafe (KPC). Surprisingly their food was quite good for a cafe they are operating, no wonder my ex school mates love to hang out there until late night. Moreover, the price of the menu are reasonable too!

- Kopi Ping @ RM2.50 and Teh C Special @ RM3.50 *recommended* -

The house coffee that are locally made in a bottle by KPC, unexpectedly very creamy wit coffeelicious flavour.

As for the Teh C Special, the beverage taste good! Love the taste of this creamy Teh C that wasn't sweet with the additional of grass jelly in it. *thumbs up!*

- Teh C Special with Grass Jelly in it -

- Leaf Noodle @ RM2.00 -

Noodle wrapped with green leaf, which they bought from village, outskirt from the city. Referred Dean, the leaf is named "Bini Tua", weird name for me. :/ Leaf noodle served like economic noodle here, something special for a try, however, I prefer my noodle to be served HOT/ WARM and what best to see the noodle on top of that huge piece of green leaf with additional of side dish like tauhu or chicken wing!! ;)

- Fish Sauce Mee Hoon Seafood (鱼露米粉) *recommended* -

Beverly said she love and frequently ordered Fish Sauce Mee Hoon Seafood by KPC. The ingredients they added in were fresh and I'm liking this dish as well.

- Tauhu (Beancurd) @ RM1.50 each -

RM1.50 each was reasonable and luckily their portion of fish meat on the tauhu was okay, unlike some of the seller out there, we only could see a thin layer of meat on their tauhu.

- KP Roasted Wings (2 pcs) @ RM4.40 *recommended* -

I was wondering why was KPC chicken wing taste familiar, after thought for a while, it taste similar with the chicken wing by Pizza Hut! No wonder it taste good. :)

- BBQ Chicken Rice @ RM8.50 -

Huge portion of chicken chop, tender chicken meat that could fill up a hungry tummy!

- Seafood Tom Yum -

Love the taste of their soup when it served HOT! Yummy! I love spicy!

- Beef Noodle (干炒牛河) @ RM8.00 *recommended* -

Unexpectedly, their beef noodle tasted REAL AWESOME! Love how the texture of the beef which were soft and tender while chewing it. Anyone who love to eat beef noodle should go and try KPC version!

- Part of Our Food! -

Gosh, we were so full with all the food they treated us that day. :) Thank you!

- Waffle Ice Cream @ RM4.00 and Red Bean Milk @ RM3.00 *recommended* -

The desserts we had which all of us (girls) LOVE - Waffles! It's was so exciting when we had our waffle.

As for the red bean milk, personally I don't favour red beans BUT as for this one, I tried a few sip and I'M LIKING IT! The red bean doesn't cover the milk flavour and I would like to order a cup if I could! Seriously, I don't like red bean and this one, I couldn't resist. Make sure it served cold then!

- The Canon VS Nikon -

Our tools for reviews! And sad to say that my camera is having some problem. :( I guess I need to send G12 for service. Sigh.. 

- Personnel - 

Dean, Connie and Angel, the friendly personnel who run the place and were there while we were doing our reviews, thank you for inviting us! :) It's a pleasure to taste all the best dishes/ beverages at KPC.

- The Menu -

For your information, KPC is in the progress of applying franchise licensing, maybe any one of you might be interested to run a business with local products under the brand name. :)

- Invited Bloggers and Managers -

Left to Right: Beverly from Take Another Step, Margaret from Voice Within Me, Connie, the Partner, Myself, Chloe (my sister) from Angel be with You, Charlotte F. and Dean, the Manager.

It's been a while since the last we had food review together, well, unbelievable bloggers I met turned out to be great friends! So, should I say "Yum Kopi with your friends @ Kopi Ping Cafe"? Come Come!

*Serve No Pork*

Location :
Damai Plaza (Contact No. 088-231877); and
Warisan Square (Contact No. 088-447956)

Operation Time :
Daily from 9.00 am to 12.00 am.

Facebook : Kopi Ping Cafe