Friday, February 22, 2013

Hong Kong : Mong Kok, Kowloon - Ladies' Market, Smelly Taufu & more! 【香港游】九龙之旺角 - 女人街,臭豆腐等等

Hong Kong Part 8 - 朗豪坊 (Langham Place) & 通菜街(女人街)[Tung Choi Street (Ladies' Market)], 旺角 (Mong Kok), 九龙 (Kowloon)

It was a bliss that we took a short vacation to Indonesia last week and do read up what I had over there (click) and do catch up with any updates at my Facebook page as well, before reading further about my China's journey. :)

So now, continue from previous dinner at The Grandhall. On the next day, we went to Mong Kok for a local visit. 

 - Where are we heading?? -

- 通菜街(女人街)[Tung Choi Street (Ladies' Market)] -

The first place we visited was Ladies' Market, varieties of goods can be found over there from technology to small souvenirs. (website)

Furthermore, we went to Langham Place (LP) which located not far from Ladies' Market (LM), LP is similar to LM which selling cheap/ reasonable pricing quality goods (and even better), I'm not sure how many of you actually updated with my China photographs, the red jacket I wore was from LP with HKD250. :) I normally shop for quality ones. ;)

- Mong Kok Street Photography -

- Brunch at New Macau Restaurant (新澳门) -

So, brunch before we start our shopping at MK. Food served at New Macau Restaurant were okay, I like the milky tea they are serving and will write about it in near future.

And do enjoy what I saw in Ladies' Market below!

- Fridge Magnets -

- Traditional Shoes -

- This is Ladies' Market (女人街) -

We heard about how rude were sellers at Ladies' Market would react to people like us, however, I didn't really felt the same way as what I heard and sellers we met were still okay although not all of them are friendly, and I guess most of them doesn't really like tourists from China, they are such RUDE!!!

Aunt Rosa and Brother Francis would like to bring us to Tong Pak Fu (糖百府)in MK and we walked from street to street. HK people walk uncountable foot steps. OMG! And of course, the more I walk, I won't gain so much from this trip. :D *happy thought*

So, we spotted smelly toufu while we were walking, Aunt Rosa lovesssss Smelly Toufu! Haha :D

- Smelly Toufu (臭豆腐) -

For the first time in my life, I tried Smelly Toufu from Hong Kong. It taste fine, seriously, it's FINE! I like it and it doesn't smell awful when eating it. At least it doesn't smell bad from few streets away like the one I smell at Taichung, Taiwan. So from now on, HK smelly toufu is okay for me!

- See that happy face with smelly toufu? -

Taste good with chilli sauce, a hint of spicy won't make us felt disgusting.

- I spotted "Meizu" that friends and strangers always read my name this way -

- Crowds in MK -

Frankly speaking, I love Kowloon more. :) It's just beautiful mixed with both authentic HK and trendy HK.

- -___- Mobile Ice Cream Seller -

I didn't have the time to taste it as we walked so fast to catch up with the others. Oh well...

I gonna stop here with Ladies' Market and all the above, and continue at HK Part 9! :)

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  1. Went Hong Kong for 4 times and went Ladies Market for 4 times too. It's kinda like one of the place that shouldn't be missed out. So surprising that you can take so many photos of Ladies Market cause I was being stopped by one of the vendor. Kinda rude =(