Friday, February 15, 2013

【生活点滴】 Beautiful Indonesia Trip 2013

Hi there...

I hope I wasn't late to wish my dearest readers and friends "Happy Chinese New Year 2013"! ;)

In fact I was away from Malaysia for the past few days and at the same time for a short escape to Jakarta, Puncak Highlands and Bandung to celebrate our CNY this year.

So, anyone miss me here?? :D I think not much right? Lol

Well, We had a great time and tiring but enjoyable trip at Indonesia. I never expect that their country is such a develop one and tourism industry is such well organised as well and somehow, in my personal opinion, Msia should learn from them in terms of the well organised metropolitan city! Truly, both of the city namely Bandung and Jakarta open my eyes and just not to make more of you wondering, we also experienced the poor scenes and hardworking lifestyle of the Indonesian while passed by some of the outskirt areas and even in the city itself. At the first sight, I was shocked of what they did but when I thought further, they were acting so it's because of the environment and to strive to raise themselves and their family. :')


- First Day of CNY -

Talk about food! The style of cooking are similar to the Malays and most of the time we were having Chinese Indonesian cuisine, believe me or not, the food served at most of the restaurant are good and the elderies that I met during our tours keep praising about the various local food such as Bebek (duck) noodles (not street food) and even the Hong Kong porridge nearby our hotel taste scrumptious. In fact, the pork sate and fried carrot cake prepared by the food court at Mall Kelapa Gading, Jakarta taste amazing and couldn't agree more that the baked sweet potatoes outside the resting area taste yummy too! *Gosh*

 - Pork Sate -

- Chinese Cuisine at Our Hotel -


- Local Delicacy : Grilled/ Baked Sweet Potato -

How about shopping? I couldn't agree more that the shopping were great there, affordable priced good quality goods (depends where) and I actually bought varieties of items from blouses, dresses, accessories, souvenirs and etc that covers the whole bed of mine, my friend even teased me that those I bought are for Spring and Summer 2013. (lol) Somehow I do miss the mall that our tourist guide introduced "Mall Kelapa Gading" at Jakarta, which the only mall we have visited together with our cute tour mates. Imagine our craziness that started since 10.00 am to 7.00pm (if only we have more time), such a good place to shop at. Believe me, they say there are other recommended malls in,town that we could shop till we drop. Mangga Dua at Jakarta was not in my favourite list, the place is crowded and I found the accessories below over there and two pieces of batik blouse and dress.

- Accessories from Mangga Dua Shopping Mall -

- Interesting Toy found at Mall Kelapa Gading -

I guess only seen in Indonesia?

- Part of my awesome shopping achievement -


- Found the rounded fashionable spec at Mall Kelapa Gading -

The factory outlet at Bandung was okay for us, we found quality and fashioned tops there, at one time I bought five or six pieces from the same outlet - Lily & Roses. 

I felt such an achievement that my luggage was full of new things. :D

The various tourist spot such as Safari Park, Valcano, Hot Spring and Ancol Ocean Park are such a success, I'm glad I was there and opps! I think I talked so much here and I think I better stop here! I'm still sick since two days before heading back KK and now even worst with additional with the ear pressure I had from my flight and still.

- Indonesia Volcano : Taman Wisata Alam Gunung Tangkuban Parahu Subang - Java West -

- Beautiful Healthy Snow Leopard -

- Dolphin Show at Ancol Water World -

So, if you wanna see more photos about Indonesia, do check out and stay alert with my blog's Facebook page - Meitzeu's Blog.

Bye, you know I'm excited and looking forward to make a video for this. Yup! It's VLOG time @ Meitzeu Channel!
Vlog on Indonesia Trip :


  1. gong hei fatt choy! CNY in bandung! awesome idea. i think i wanna escape kl next cny! penning in that possibility of bandung then,

  2. nice trip and picture sharing~
    hope one day i can visits Indonesia too~

  3. Happy CNY. Fuiyoh, look great in the tradisional wear.

  4. Planning to visit Indonesia this year, hope it will be as fun as yours!


  5. Nice post, thanks! Look gorgeous in your CNY outfit. Did you hire a tour or travel on your own?

    1. Thank you! :)

      We booked ourselves a tour from KK! :)

  6. btw.... it is Ancol water world, not Ancong :)
    great post!

  7. Happy CNY. I wish to visit there too someday

  8. I will drool over any kind of Asian food, what more Malay food. Nice place with plenty of retail therapy too.

    1. Yes! You should go and visit there! :) Sedap!

  9. Nice travel info and great food there!

  10. Hmm, I must plan a trip to Bandung! Looks like a nice place for holiday! : )

  11. Pork sate is unimaginable in Malaysia...

    1. Not really. We do have pork sate in KK, but taste not that good.

  12. i like your cheongsam for the first day of CNY! :) Happy Chinese New Year!

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  13. Happy cny to you too! You look great in that cheongsam. Absolutely loves it!

  14. wow u look beautiful in that cheongsam.. . though is just upper half body.. hehehe
    Didn't know indonesia got so many nice food.. yummm~~ drooling already!

    1. Haha. :D Thank you! Yes! Only if we know where's the nice food are!

  15. Happy CNY! Bandung looks tempting,quite a lot of place to visit.

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    Would you like to try it out? Here is a website that helps me out to decide.

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  18. Nice trip and picture sharing.
    Your are beautiful in the first photo.
    That is what travelling is all about for me and i hope one day i can visits Indonesia too.