Saturday, February 2, 2013

【沙巴美食】 亚庇之丹容亚路 - 浪漫晚餐 Food In Sabah : Kota Kinabalu - Such a Romantic Dinner at Table No. 1, Tanjung Aru

It wasn't really a romantic dinner as in one to one, lovely candle night dinner. However, it was my office annual dinner during last month of the holiday season. :)

It is one of the "in" place to visit for the past few months and certainly it is a new restaurant which converted from a bungalow to a beautiful restaurant along the way from Tanjung Aru Beach to downtown.

- The exterior, garden concept -

I was wondering when will I have the opportunity to visit the restaurant few weeks before and unexpectedly, my boss agreed to held our annual dinner at Table No. 1! I'm lucky! :)

All of us were excited and happy on that night and believe me, most of our colleagues will have second round at nights clubs after the dinner. (lol) Just a tradition that I have been observed now and then.


 - Table No. 1 at Tanjung Aru -

Our dinner were pre- ordered menu, the appetizer, the pasta and the dessert were the same for all of us.

And now, do enjoy what we had! :)

- The Appetizer : Queen Green Garden Salad -

I like their salad, the vinegar wasn't overly added and it was appetizing with the imported vegetable salad.

- Virgin Apple Mojito -

It was my second time having Mojito, the first one was not a good experience but as for this I had, the fresh blended green apple with the hint of mint leaves, it's refreshing and the combination of what's in there, it was really good. I love what I had.


- The Soup -

There were two options for us, the Cream of Wild Mushrooms Soup and Pumpkin Soup. Surprisingly, the pumpkin soup I had was good, it wasn't watery at all, moreover the taste was pumpkish! *thumbs up*

- Maltagaliati All' Aragosta - 

I like this pasta and it was my first trial for this dish. Creamy sauce, fresh prawns and angel tomatoes.

-Grilled Lamb Chop -

- Rosemary-Garlic Roast Chicken -

There were four different options of main dish for us to select, above are two of them while I had the grilled lamb chops. Other options - Grilled Rib Eye Steak and Crispy Skin Salmon with Pesto Sauce.

I'm not sure whether their usual portion is the size of my punch or not but it surprised me and my colleagues who had the same main dish. :/ I guess my boss realised that some of us weren't full and he asked us to order some more! 

Few of us agreed that there are more space to be improved by Table No. 1 grilled menu, we found out that their grilled menu a bit dried and same goes to the Crispy Skin Salmon with Pesto Sauce we had latter.

- The dessert :  Sabayon with Salad of marinated wild berries, orange juice and ... -

Something different for us to end our dinner, quite a unique dessert we had with wild berries and orange juice which taste like cream foam.

- The Menu : Main Dishes -

- The Bar of Table No. 1 -

Overall, I think the price are reasonable for most of them as the restaurant put a lot of effort towards their food, designs and concept. A mix of vintage and English feel, it was just love. :) Amazing restaurant for photography as well. Well done for the restaurant!!

Facebook : 

Contact :
012-835 3000

Location :
Tanjung Aru. 
Before reaching Perdana Park (musical fountain), easily seen from the roadside! 


  1. I thought you had a romantic date. It was just a romant company dinner. :-P

  2. look delicious...I'll take note about this place. in case I am going to KK one day.

  3. awesome! now im thinking to have a romantic dinner with my man there soon..haha.. ^^

  4. How was the grilled lamb, it do look scrumptious. Good to see you post more food stories, love them!


  5. gosh i didnt know aboiut this place. The other day went to sugarbun only for the sunset :p

  6. Hello! First time visitor here.: ) Glad to be able to visit your blog. Hope we can exchange links.: ) I'm really interested in getting to know bloggers from other countries.

    have a great day.: )

  7. Thanks for sharing this. I want to have a dine there someday.. :)

  8. Waiting for you to show your romantic date but only see nice food.


  9. The foods look decent. But I'm more into fish nowadays.