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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

【微电影】印尼游玩记 VLOG : Indonesia Trip (V.1)

Places : Jakarta, Puncak and Bandung

As promised, finally updated another VLOG here!

To sum up the trip of mine in Indonesia for 5 days 4 nights, do enjoy this video of 10 minutes!

- VLOG -

Meitzeu's Channel @ Youtube

By the way, do change the setting for quality view on the video. ;)

p/s : It wasn't perfect but at least I tried. :)

Location :
- Redtop Hotel, Taman Mini (Miniature Park), National Monument (MONAS), China Town, Kelapa Gading Mall (recommended for SHOPPING!), Ancol Dreamland (Gelanggang Samudra) and ITC Mangga Dua.

Puncak Highlands
- Taman Safari Indonesia (Safari Park), Masjid Besar and Novus Hotel/ Resort.

- Carrcadin Hotel (Recommended for STAY!), Tangkuban Perahu Mountain (Volcano), Ciater Hot Spring, Cihampelas Jeans Centre (Toko Tiga) and Factory Outlet.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Hong Kong : Mong Kok, Kowloon - Ladies' Market, Smelly Taufu & more! 【香港游】九龙之旺角 - 女人街,臭豆腐等等

Hong Kong Part 8 - 朗豪坊 (Langham Place) & 通菜街(女人街)[Tung Choi Street (Ladies' Market)], 旺角 (Mong Kok), 九龙 (Kowloon)

It was a bliss that we took a short vacation to Indonesia last week and do read up what I had over there (click) and do catch up with any updates at my Facebook page as well, before reading further about my China's journey. :)

So now, continue from previous dinner at The Grandhall. On the next day, we went to Mong Kok for a local visit. 

 - Where are we heading?? -

- 通菜街(女人街)[Tung Choi Street (Ladies' Market)] -

The first place we visited was Ladies' Market, varieties of goods can be found over there from technology to small souvenirs. (website)

Furthermore, we went to Langham Place (LP) which located not far from Ladies' Market (LM), LP is similar to LM which selling cheap/ reasonable pricing quality goods (and even better), I'm not sure how many of you actually updated with my China photographs, the red jacket I wore was from LP with HKD250. :) I normally shop for quality ones. ;)

- Mong Kok Street Photography -

- Brunch at New Macau Restaurant (新澳门) -

So, brunch before we start our shopping at MK. Food served at New Macau Restaurant were okay, I like the milky tea they are serving and will write about it in near future.

And do enjoy what I saw in Ladies' Market below!

- Fridge Magnets -

- Traditional Shoes -

- This is Ladies' Market (女人街) -

We heard about how rude were sellers at Ladies' Market would react to people like us, however, I didn't really felt the same way as what I heard and sellers we met were still okay although not all of them are friendly, and I guess most of them doesn't really like tourists from China, they are such RUDE!!!

Aunt Rosa and Brother Francis would like to bring us to Tong Pak Fu (糖百府)in MK and we walked from street to street. HK people walk uncountable foot steps. OMG! And of course, the more I walk, I won't gain so much from this trip. :D *happy thought*

So, we spotted smelly toufu while we were walking, Aunt Rosa lovesssss Smelly Toufu! Haha :D

- Smelly Toufu (臭豆腐) -

For the first time in my life, I tried Smelly Toufu from Hong Kong. It taste fine, seriously, it's FINE! I like it and it doesn't smell awful when eating it. At least it doesn't smell bad from few streets away like the one I smell at Taichung, Taiwan. So from now on, HK smelly toufu is okay for me!

- See that happy face with smelly toufu? -

Taste good with chilli sauce, a hint of spicy won't make us felt disgusting.

- I spotted "Meizu" that friends and strangers always read my name this way -

- Crowds in MK -

Frankly speaking, I love Kowloon more. :) It's just beautiful mixed with both authentic HK and trendy HK.

- -___- Mobile Ice Cream Seller -

I didn't have the time to taste it as we walked so fast to catch up with the others. Oh well...

I gonna stop here with Ladies' Market and all the above, and continue at HK Part 9! :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

【生活点滴】 Beautiful Indonesia Trip 2013

Hi there...

I hope I wasn't late to wish my dearest readers and friends "Happy Chinese New Year 2013"! ;)

In fact I was away from Malaysia for the past few days and at the same time for a short escape to Jakarta, Puncak Highlands and Bandung to celebrate our CNY this year.

So, anyone miss me here?? :D I think not much right? Lol

Well, We had a great time and tiring but enjoyable trip at Indonesia. I never expect that their country is such a develop one and tourism industry is such well organised as well and somehow, in my personal opinion, Msia should learn from them in terms of the well organised metropolitan city! Truly, both of the city namely Bandung and Jakarta open my eyes and just not to make more of you wondering, we also experienced the poor scenes and hardworking lifestyle of the Indonesian while passed by some of the outskirt areas and even in the city itself. At the first sight, I was shocked of what they did but when I thought further, they were acting so it's because of the environment and to strive to raise themselves and their family. :')


- First Day of CNY -

Talk about food! The style of cooking are similar to the Malays and most of the time we were having Chinese Indonesian cuisine, believe me or not, the food served at most of the restaurant are good and the elderies that I met during our tours keep praising about the various local food such as Bebek (duck) noodles (not street food) and even the Hong Kong porridge nearby our hotel taste scrumptious. In fact, the pork sate and fried carrot cake prepared by the food court at Mall Kelapa Gading, Jakarta taste amazing and couldn't agree more that the baked sweet potatoes outside the resting area taste yummy too! *Gosh*

 - Pork Sate -

- Chinese Cuisine at Our Hotel -


- Local Delicacy : Grilled/ Baked Sweet Potato -

How about shopping? I couldn't agree more that the shopping were great there, affordable priced good quality goods (depends where) and I actually bought varieties of items from blouses, dresses, accessories, souvenirs and etc that covers the whole bed of mine, my friend even teased me that those I bought are for Spring and Summer 2013. (lol) Somehow I do miss the mall that our tourist guide introduced "Mall Kelapa Gading" at Jakarta, which the only mall we have visited together with our cute tour mates. Imagine our craziness that started since 10.00 am to 7.00pm (if only we have more time), such a good place to shop at. Believe me, they say there are other recommended malls in,town that we could shop till we drop. Mangga Dua at Jakarta was not in my favourite list, the place is crowded and I found the accessories below over there and two pieces of batik blouse and dress.

- Accessories from Mangga Dua Shopping Mall -

- Interesting Toy found at Mall Kelapa Gading -

I guess only seen in Indonesia?

- Part of my awesome shopping achievement -


- Found the rounded fashionable spec at Mall Kelapa Gading -

The factory outlet at Bandung was okay for us, we found quality and fashioned tops there, at one time I bought five or six pieces from the same outlet - Lily & Roses. 

I felt such an achievement that my luggage was full of new things. :D

The various tourist spot such as Safari Park, Valcano, Hot Spring and Ancol Ocean Park are such a success, I'm glad I was there and opps! I think I talked so much here and I think I better stop here! I'm still sick since two days before heading back KK and now even worst with additional with the ear pressure I had from my flight and still.

- Indonesia Volcano : Taman Wisata Alam Gunung Tangkuban Parahu Subang - Java West -

- Beautiful Healthy Snow Leopard -

- Dolphin Show at Ancol Water World -

So, if you wanna see more photos about Indonesia, do check out and stay alert with my blog's Facebook page - Meitzeu's Blog.

Bye, you know I'm excited and looking forward to make a video for this. Yup! It's VLOG time @ Meitzeu Channel!
Vlog on Indonesia Trip :

Saturday, February 2, 2013

【沙巴美食】 亚庇之丹容亚路 - 浪漫晚餐 Food In Sabah : Kota Kinabalu - Such a Romantic Dinner at Table No. 1, Tanjung Aru

It wasn't really a romantic dinner as in one to one, lovely candle night dinner. However, it was my office annual dinner during last month of the holiday season. :)

It is one of the "in" place to visit for the past few months and certainly it is a new restaurant which converted from a bungalow to a beautiful restaurant along the way from Tanjung Aru Beach to downtown.

- The exterior, garden concept -

I was wondering when will I have the opportunity to visit the restaurant few weeks before and unexpectedly, my boss agreed to held our annual dinner at Table No. 1! I'm lucky! :)

All of us were excited and happy on that night and believe me, most of our colleagues will have second round at nights clubs after the dinner. (lol) Just a tradition that I have been observed now and then.


 - Table No. 1 at Tanjung Aru -

Our dinner were pre- ordered menu, the appetizer, the pasta and the dessert were the same for all of us.

And now, do enjoy what we had! :)

- The Appetizer : Queen Green Garden Salad -

I like their salad, the vinegar wasn't overly added and it was appetizing with the imported vegetable salad.

- Virgin Apple Mojito -

It was my second time having Mojito, the first one was not a good experience but as for this I had, the fresh blended green apple with the hint of mint leaves, it's refreshing and the combination of what's in there, it was really good. I love what I had.


- The Soup -

There were two options for us, the Cream of Wild Mushrooms Soup and Pumpkin Soup. Surprisingly, the pumpkin soup I had was good, it wasn't watery at all, moreover the taste was pumpkish! *thumbs up*

- Maltagaliati All' Aragosta - 

I like this pasta and it was my first trial for this dish. Creamy sauce, fresh prawns and angel tomatoes.

-Grilled Lamb Chop -

- Rosemary-Garlic Roast Chicken -

There were four different options of main dish for us to select, above are two of them while I had the grilled lamb chops. Other options - Grilled Rib Eye Steak and Crispy Skin Salmon with Pesto Sauce.

I'm not sure whether their usual portion is the size of my punch or not but it surprised me and my colleagues who had the same main dish. :/ I guess my boss realised that some of us weren't full and he asked us to order some more! 

Few of us agreed that there are more space to be improved by Table No. 1 grilled menu, we found out that their grilled menu a bit dried and same goes to the Crispy Skin Salmon with Pesto Sauce we had latter.

- The dessert :  Sabayon with Salad of marinated wild berries, orange juice and ... -

Something different for us to end our dinner, quite a unique dessert we had with wild berries and orange juice which taste like cream foam.

- The Menu : Main Dishes -

- The Bar of Table No. 1 -

Overall, I think the price are reasonable for most of them as the restaurant put a lot of effort towards their food, designs and concept. A mix of vintage and English feel, it was just love. :) Amazing restaurant for photography as well. Well done for the restaurant!!

Facebook : 

Contact :
012-835 3000

Location :
Tanjung Aru. 
Before reaching Perdana Park (musical fountain), easily seen from the roadside!