Saturday, January 5, 2013

When RFA Lyme Bay (Ship) came to Liverpool

Liverpool - Visiting to RFA LYME BAY (2008)

It was weekend, checked through the small booklet of Liverpool Cultural Year events and decided to pay a visit to Mersey Ferry Terminal!

It is a big ship that provides logistic support to military operations, that carries a military force of 356 Royal Marines and up to 135 crew & augmenters.

- RFA Lyme Bay -

"RFA Lyme Bay (L3007) is a Bay class auxiliary landing ship dock (LSD(A)) of the British Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA). Ordered from Swan Hunter in 2000, the ship was launched in 2005. However, cost overruns and delays saw the shipbuilder removed from the project, and the incomplete ship was towed to Govan for finishing by BAE Systems Naval Ships. Lyme Bay entered service in late 2007; the last ship of the class to join the RFA." - Wikipedia

- The Crowds -

Unexpected walked in and queued with other visitors.

- Incident Board -

There's a crew explained during our in board tour from inside to the above the deck.

I'm not interested much in ships but no harm to listen and broaden our view. By the way, I met a person (one of the crew) who looks like Tom Cruise! Quite good looking tho

- Ai yay Captain! -

- Liverpool!! -

The view of Liverpool was magnificent from above the deck. Strong wind was blowing and somehow I could feel the cold air while typing now. :/

- Where the Helicopter landed -

- Army, Weapon and Me! -

- Lambanana -

Another Lambanana spotted at Mersey Ferry Terminal!

- Beautiful Liverpool -

I always love this view. :) My heart felt calm when I look at it. Beautiful weather and place. :)

- Maritime Performance -

We were lucky to see their performance and we even took some photos with them! :)

Well, UK definitely the best time of my life while furthering studies, especially on the same year as the host of European Cultural Year.


  1. I was actually waiting for the picture of Tom Cruise look alike to come out. ahaaha.

    Happy Wednesday, Meitzeu!

    1. Haha :D It was a bit awkward to take someone photo like that la..

  2. This is just a transport ship so there is not much to see. There is no guns that can be seen in battleships. But going to a naval ship is a good experience. :-)