Sunday, January 27, 2013

Updates : Five Things

It's been a while since my last entry, hopefully nothing much changed in our blogsphere. ;)

Well, the past weeks of mine not really great though, but I believe time will cure and God besides me. 

And now... Five things of the month.


I bought Clinique for the first time, very nice texture and made my skin feeling moisture. 

Planted Sunflower as I have been loving sunflowers a lot and see how long it takes to grow the first leaf. A new beginning I believe.

Had annual dinner at Table.No. 1 (end of last month) located at Tanjung Aru, surprisingly nice romantic environment that I love and satisfying meal we had, except for their grilled menu. :(

Tried one of the best fish noodle located at Damai, that will be sold out before 10am. Yummy but even requested add on, portion are still meh....

Tried to uplift my make up tools. :P

Okay, that's all till I get my laptop back. As for the saliva drooling food I had, entries coming soon soon soon. 

By the way, how is your CNY preparation? It's really near from now!!


  1. Another sunflower lover. Many of my friends love sunflowers too and some even use sunflowers as their wedding theme. Wish your sunflower will blossom beautifully.

  2. Nice to see that you have started a new life. I am happy for you dont give up

  3. Nice wrap up.
    BTW, how did you come up with the frame with multiple images in it? Any particular software?

    1. Hi De Engineur! I'm using photowonder for this!

      Collage my photos and edit them!