Friday, January 11, 2013

Hong Kong : WanChai, Hong Kong Island : The Grand Hall (Cantonese/ Seafood Restaurant) 【香港游】香港岛之灣仔 - 名爵 (粤/海鲜餐馆)

Hong Kong Part 7 - The Grand Hall (名爵), WanChai (灣仔), Hong Kong Island (香港岛)

So there's always a feast when we are with our parents and relatives. :) 

After we had a long walk and it was time of dinner. We were invited to have our dinner at a grand restaurant namely The Grand Hall (名爵) which located at WanChai (灣仔) where our hotel is located few streets away.

- The Entrance of The Grand Hall (名爵) -

The interior design amazes us and there's crystal chandeliers hanging from the ornate high ceilings which make the restaurant's atmosphere feeling high class.

- The Entrance of The Grand Hall (名爵) -

We shall wait for our dinner!

- The Signature Dish -

It was our first Peking Duck in Hong Kong and almost every restaurant we visit later we had the same dish ordered by our relative.

- Peking Duck -

We rolled the duck skin together with a slice of onion on the warm pancake and EAT THEM! I love the smell of onions and the most love - The Roasted Duck!

- Fried Goose Liver -

I could not remember what was the off white in colour, but I still remember i had goose liver (Ngor Gon), which I heard goose liver is one of the expensive food.

- Fried Rice Vermicelli -

- Bun with Ham -

All of the main dish were good and what else we had?


- Hong Kee Typical Desserts -

- Hong Kee Typical Desserts -

Quite different dessert from what we had in Malaysia, some of them especially the above will be served warm.

Interesting dinner we had and by the time we reached the hotel, we were exhausted. :S

Location :
灣仔港灣道28號灣景中心(Brim 28)3樓
28 Habour Rd. (3/F, Causeway Centre), Wan Chai

Contact No.:
+852 2598 9828


  1. Wow, looks grand. Is it expensive? I'm heading to Hong Kong soon and am looking for nice food to try when in the island.

  2. i like Peking duck~ so yummy lah~ XD

  3. yeaa the food's really different compare to here in malaysia. unique & looks great :)

  4. I love peking duck can be made into so many dihes

  5. I'm interested to the black & white layer cake, wonder what is that? o.O

  6. This place looks very 'grand', I wonder if the prices are also grand. But the Peking Duck looks really crispy and yummy