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Sunday, December 29, 2013

【沙巴游】 Papar - Borneo Cultural Village

During one fine afternoon, I was invited to for a trip to Borneo Cultural Village (BCV) together with THP.

Located at Papar, a new cultural village is running their business to allow tourists and also the local to experience a bit of the Borneo natives lifestyle and tradition.

- Entrance to Borneo Cultural Village -

First impression was great! As if we were entering a real village and with ladies who were fluent with Chinese language for explanation while introducing various tribes which could be found in Borneo.

- Introduction -

Unlike some other cultural villages, BCV offers more than 5 tribes for guests to get know more about Borneo. As far as I remember, we can visit their Traditional Papar House, Traditional Brunei House, Chinese House, Murut House, Penampang House, Bajau House, Tidung House and others as well.

Here are some of the houses and local delicacies and activities that we shall expect when we visit BCV in near future. :) Do enjoy!

- Well designed village -

Clean and well managed area.

- Local delicacies (Lihing and Sago Worm) -

I definitely will not want to try those - Sago Worm. My younger sister and my dad tried them before. Eww...

- Ambuyat -

A local delicacy by the Bisaya/ Brunei Ethnic Group, and it is also can be found in Sabah and Sarawak.

- Blow ipe by  Murut Tribe -

We were able to blow the pipe as well! The pipe which made of huge tree trunk and turn into a blow pipe after weeks and weeks of burning process and etc. In Murut culture, blow pipe was used as a weapon to hunt for animals and their food!

- Tidung Tribe -

The process of fire burning with the native way.

- Bajau House : Playing the traditional instrument -

Beautiful music played by him!

- Traditional Bajau House -

- Traditional Dances -

Besides visiting to the various traditional houses, we have the opportunity to enjoy a few traditional dances and guests were invited to be apart as well!

- Traditional Dances - Murut -

- Poco- Poco -

A type of line dancing that certainly most favoured by guests!

- Lunch -

Simple yet delicious lunch provided. BCV do care about the needs of their guests. At BCV, we can have our meal at either one of the following restaurants - Serve No Pork Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant (with pork) and even at the Korean Restaurant.

That's the end of our trip to Borneo Cultural Village!

For further information, please contact Tropical Holidays Paradise.

Location :
The small junction before the water department of Papar

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lovely Vintage Dine by Fat Spoon Cafe @ Petaling Jaya

Remember sometime during August, Yinsbear and Mr. G brought me to a cozy vintage cafe located in PJ for a lunch date on my second day in KL.

Beautiful vintage cafe and Yinsbear even tagged me in facebook to introduce this cafe to me! A lovely yet interesting concept cafe. :) A small gathering or a closed event would be so nice if it was held there.


- The Entrance to Fat Spoon Cafe -

- Good Reads -

Its a MENU!! :D Story books been used as menu, Fat Spoon Cafe had there menu inside the story books.

- Beverages -

I had sweet ice blended lychee mint (in white with green leaves). I like the drink but it was a bit sweet, advisable not to consume by anti sugar person.

- Rice -

Yinsbear had the rice above (I've forgotten the name). She loves to eat and I love all the food hunt she brought me to! And btw, she love to feed her friends. :D

- Salmon Sandwich -

Surprisingly, sandwich should be bread and salmon. Instead of using normal bread, they used burger bun! The chunky apple made the Salmon Sandwich just heavenly. I totally love it!!! If I'm not mistaken, their fritters were made of pumpkin (I love pumpkin!) and not normal potatoes. I simply love how they prepare the dish.

- One corner at Fat Spoon Cafe -

Lovely couple sitting outside. Beneath the glass of the table we had our lunch was covered with animated newspapers print. How cute!

- Menu at Board -

- At another corner -

Designed the corner with vintage kitchen tools.

- Jackfruit Popiah -

Simply love the fried popiah with hint of ice cream! Nom Nom! :)

I love the cafe and I think you will love it too! Cheers~

Facebook :
Fat Spoon Cafe

Location :
73, Jalan SS21/1A Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Contact :
03-7728 3323

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Updates : 广州 (Guang Zhou) and 福建 (Fu Jian), China 2013

Hey Hey Hey! 

Been lost for weeks and I'm back from China and in fact, I celebrated my birthday in China as well. :)

This will be a short update with some of the interesting yet beautiful places that I visited! And this time, the trip was good with perfect services (expect average food) and we enjoyed a lot during the trip.

Province and Sub Provinces that we visited during this Winter 2013 were 11 days 10 Nights in
广州 (Guang Zhou) and 福建 (Fu Jian) - 武夷山 (WuYi Mountain), 福州 (Fu Zhou), 厦门 (Xia Men), 永定 (Yong Ding) and 东山 (Dong Shan)!

-鼓浪屿 (Gu Lang Yu), 厦门 (Xia Men) -

I love this sweet and cozy place, no motor vehicles except buggy on the island. Beautiful architecture and similar to Taiwan and Macau. :)

 - 武夷山 (WuYi Mountain), 福建 (Fu Jian) - 

Magnificent scenery and friendly people that we met during our days at Wu Yi Mountain. :)

- 上下九街 (Shang Xia Jiu Jie), 广州 (Guang Zhou) -

Just to play safe, I brought my parents to Mc Donald/ Mc Cafe for coffee and snacks while seeing all the crowds from up there!

- 广州 (Guang Zhou) -

The best porridge (Prawn Porridge) and Noodles we had for supper on the first night in Guang Zhou! Located at a stall opposite our hotel that we were went for overnight and flying off to Fu Zhou on the next morning.

 - 武夷山 (WuYi Mountain), 福建 (Fu Jian) -

Inspiring and impressed all of us from the outdoor theater show we have watched, freezing with temperature of 2C during the show, imagine the temperature getting low when the night getting darker.

- Bullet Train -

First class seat from Fu Zhou to Xia Men, 3 hours!

- 步行街 (Bu Xing Jie), 厦门 (Xia Men)  -

Finally the first cup of coffee I bought from a random cafe we walked in, while others doing their shopping.

- 东山 (Dong Shan) 07.12.2013 -

And I got a surprise birthday cake from the tour company we signed with! Very simple yet noted one sweet memory, it was my first celebrating outside Malaysia.

-Gift from #Saturdate! -

Beverly from Take Another Step gave me a birthday gift before I left!

- Selfie -

We could only dress up in such a way that we can't in tropical weather like Malaysia. I always love my boots!

That's my updates for the day. Till then!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Coffee Talk at PREGIO by Barista Caffe @ Metro Town, KK #CoffeeArt

Pregio closed Metro Town branch. Open a new outlet at BSA Kolombong & Plaza Shell.

It's time for COFFEE AGAIN! 

Located at one of the happening area in KK lately. Moreover, there's a number of new cafes/ restaurants operated at the food street of Metro Town as well.

Back to the Sunday evening while I was having my cup of coffee the other day, visited them for the first time and the surrounding of that cafe was quite cozy and it is a comfortable cafe for a long chat too.

- Pregio by Barista Caffe -

- Cappuccino @ RM10.00 and Local Fruits Waffle -

Despite of the price, their cappuccino was nice and especially in the evening with slice of cake. :)

The local fruits sound interesting when we referred to a lady at the cafe, love their friendly assistance. I think they would need more improvement on the waffle (which a bit dry) and maybe add some colourful fruits instead of only papaya and honeydew.

- Cappuccino -

- Pregio by Barista Caffe -

- Menu of PREGIO -

Two person we paid for RM32++.

Lovely cafe to hang out for the weekend. :)

BTW, I'm flying off to the mainland tomorrow for a long vacation! hehe :)

Facebook :
PREGIO by Barista Caffe - Sabah

Location :
Metro Town, Block J-0-1,
Ground Floor Corner Unit,
Jalan Bunga Ulam Raja,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

【沙巴美食】亚庇 - 千层蛋糕 Food in Sabah : Kota Kinabalu - Crepe Cake by Cafe De Vie, Lintas

We often heard about crepe cake, the layered thin pancakes with cream and fruits in between.

Finally, a new cafe in town named Cafe De Vie started their business few months ago and their star dessert is CREPE! One of the dessert that I would love to try for a long time.

Therefore, you know what I will do next! We went there on a Sunday afternoon for coffee chillin time. :)

- Rum and Raisin Crepe Cake and Hot Cappuccino -

I love the simple concept of the cafe, a very cozy cafe for a long chat too. The cappuccino wasn't sweet at all, which is good and add in sugar according to our preference.

As for the crepe cake, I like the soft texture of it, crepe wasn't sweet as well. Some may say their crepes wasn't nice, as what I could comment, something different and currently I have visited twice to the cafe and until I found the next cafe with delicious crepe, maybe by that time, it is suitable for me to comment which one nicer. ;) Frankly speaking, they haven't catch my attention that made me crave their crepes very much, yet.

By the way, maybe they could add a bit more on the rum! I didn't taste any rum during my first visit the other day.

However, I will be visiting them once in a while in the future. ;)

Facebook : Cafe De Vie KK

Location :
Lot No.15-0, LLP No.4,
Lintas Plaza Phase 2B, Jalan Lintas
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

and Metro Town.

Contact :
088 - 260 633 (Lintas)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hong Kong : Mong Kok, Kowloon - Super Star Seafood Restaurant & The Night Walk 【香港游】 九龙之旺角 - 鸿星海鲜酒楼与夜景

Hong Kong Part 10 -  鸿星海鲜酒楼 (Super Star Seafood Restaurant), 旺角 (Mong Kok), 九龙 (Kowloon)

Finally ended our Hainan, China Trip and we were back in Hong Kong, its like landing at heaven that night! We were HUNGRY and weren't satisfied nor full with the meals we had for past few days. 

On the same night we reached Hong Kong, left our luggage at the hotel and we headed to the Mong Kok for dinner, a very scrumptious one and we had our dinner really quick! haha :D Definitely like "hungry ghost" 饿鬼 that night. Delicious signature Peking duck for the night. :)

 - 鸿星海鲜酒楼 Super Star Seafood Restaurant -

Uncle Tai treat us that night. :) And the dinner was great! Packed restaurant and the local will know where to bring us for good dinner.

- Breakfast -

They serve Dim Sum as well! Great Dim Sum by Hong Kees!

- Of What We Had -

- Peking Ducks and Chicken -

Dinner was great and NEXT, walked to Tong Pak Fu for another dessert time which I prefer the first visit at Hak Po branch. After dessert, we walk and walk around Mong Kok and see the night with my eye, here are some of the random photography I took in Mong Kok. :)

- Mom and Dad -

- Street Food -

Imagine the weather was cold and feeling comfortable with the hot food they were selling!

- At the Cross Road -

So, that's the end of my night walk @ Mong Kok! 

I miss Hong Kong, love Kowloon. :)

鸿星海鲜酒楼 Super Star Seafood Restaurant
Website :
Super Star Group
Location :
Shop 801, 8/F, Grand Century Place, 193 Prince Edward Road West, Mong Kok
Contact :
+852 2628 0809

Sunday, November 10, 2013

【香港游玩记】 九龙之荃灣 - 美心酒店 Fun In Hong Kong : Tsuen Wan, Kowloon - Street Shot and Amazing L'hotel Nina et Convention Centre

Hong Kong Part 10 -  如心海景酒店暨會議中心 (L'hotel Nina et Convention Centre), 荃灣 (Tsuen Wan), 九龙 (Kowloon)

Finally back in Hong Kong and it was the first time we traveled back to our hotel from airport with their bus transport, definitely one of the convenient method to reach our hotel after being advised by Uncle Tai. :)

- In the Public Bus -

I did mentioned before that I like to sit in a public transportation whereby we could enjoy the local scene/ lifestyle of one place. Indeed I had a good time enjoying myself with my eye while we were on our way. :)

- The Highway -

- Market -

- The Street -

Hong Kong is such a busy city.

A short trip from the airport to the last station (Tsuen Wan) of the bus we paid for, a short walk and we arrived at L'Hotel Nina et Convention Centre. Well managed hotel and definitely a good hotel to overnight with. Kid you not, it wasn't a norm that I will write a review for hotel I'm staying, exceptional for the good ones I encountered.

- L'hotel Nina et Convention Centre (on the left) -

The night view of L'hotel during one night after we had our dinner.

- First snap in room :) -

- Twin Bed Room -

The room just made us hesitate to leave them @_@. It was super cozy!! Single bed equivalent to queen size bed! :)

- Our view from 73rd Floor -

Amazing Kowloon View with fog!

- The Transparent Bathroom -

DON'T BE SURPRISE! It is normal to have see through bathroom in Hong Kong. Luckily there was a plastic cloth to cover up while we were having our bath in our room, but we still can see the person's shadow while he/she having their shower.

- Night View from 73rd Floor -

Beautiful scenery of Hong Kong like they always say.

- Room at 75th Floor -

We hang out at Uncle Tai/ Aunt Rosa room on the second day, it was amazing with perfect sea view!!

- View from 75th Floor -

Our room was upgraded and so do Uncle Tai and Aunt Rosa, their room was amazing!! I guess their room is honeymoon suite if I'm not mistaken. It's like TV screen in front of the bed.

- Sea view of Hong Kong -

- Tea Talk at 75th Floor -

L'hotel was great and definitely cost a boom when we were there.

I wish to visit Hong Kong again and hope I have the chance to overnight at L'hotel in the future! :)

Location :
L'hotel Nina et Convention Centre
8 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

Contact : (852) 2280 2898

URL : L'hotel Nina Convention Centre