Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hong Kong : Causeway Bay - Authentic Dim Sum at Fung Shing Restaurant 【香港食】 香港岛之銅鑼灣 - 鳳城酒楼

Hong Kong Part 4 - 鳳城酒楼 (Fung Shing Restaurant), Causeway Bay (銅鑼灣), Hong Kong Island (香港岛)

So we had our second round of breakfast with Hong Kong well known Dim Sum at one of the oldest restaurant in Hong Kong.

Did I mentioned before that I could sum up my Hong Kong trip as a food adventure at most of the local famous restaurants? It is a credit and it was GREAT to have Hong Kees relatives to bring us for food and visiting places!!

- 鳳城酒楼 (Fung Shing Restaurant) -

Managed under the wing of Fung Shing Restaurant Group. Aunt Rosa walked us to one of the oldest Dim Sum Restaurant in Hong Kong and what an eye opener to their traditional way of preparing Dim Sum that we never found in Malaysia (unless hire them in Malaysia, I guess). Indeed the restaurant is located at ground and first floor of an old building of Hong Kong. :) It wasn't a fancy restaurant however they do serve typical/ original Dim Sum.

- Part of the Menu -

- 烧肉 "Siu Nyuk" (Roasted Pork) -

It was the best Roasted Pork I had!! Everything I had in HK were good, even the smelly toufu taste good! A thin layer of fats and the size of each piece were almost the same square sized cubes. I am not a fan of roasted pork but this one definitely caught my appetite. Crunchy on the skin and the meat was quite juicy as well.

 - Part of the Dim Sum we had -

Each dish ordered by Aunt were tasty and the vegetables were crunchy and fresh. One of the best thing about Dim Sum in Hong Kong is the Dim Sum are freshly steam and prepared when there's customer place their order. It is to preserve the best quality of real Dim Sum.

- Pork with Yam -

I never came across this dish before until I had it there. It taste quite extraordinary though, Aunt said that this is one of the traditional Dim Sum dish.

- 荔湾艇仔粥 "Lai Wan Teng Zhai Zuk" -

- 四季牛河 "Shi Cap Ngau Ho" (Four Season Beef Noodle) -

It was one of my favourite dish to have since the first time I have been introduced back then, but it was hard to search for the best one in KK and KL as well. For the first time in my life I saw Shi Cap Ngau Ho in such a way that every ingredients were distinctive and such a large piece of beef.

- 黑芝麻流沙包 "Hak Ji Ma Lao Sha Bao" (Black Sesame Ball) -

Such a waste that I didn't manage to try the Custard Lao Sha Bao which originated from Hong Kong, we were too full to stuff in. Gosh! Weather was nice and food was good. :)

- Typical Traditional Chinese Restaurant of Hong Kong -

I love the traditional Dim Sum they served! A great morning on the first day in HK.

Location : 
Paterson Street. 

Contact No. :
2881 7873


  1. What is on top of the steamed pork ribs? Looks like some herbal~

  2. i like the black sesame sand-flowing bun :P a very nice variation from the usual salted egg yolk

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  3. The crispy skin Siu Nyuk looks very yummy! My fave.

  4. You have relatives in HK? What an advantage! :D

  5. Hong Kong is for sure a food haven, so are other Asian countries too. I am loving each one of the dishes and of course the roasted pork is killing me now.